About me

My name is Vik Ram specializing in architecture design. With working experience in the architecture sector for a very long period of time – up to 20 years, I can guarantee you that the product I make is extremely wonderful as you can see some of the achievements on my website. I started working when I was third-year student in university. That means you can trust in my capability to do the best job bringing the best quality to you.

I’ve worked in a lot of kinds of architecture design. However, the best of my job is designing the industrial architecture. It is thought that the industrial architecture design like garage or something kind of that is not important. It is totally wrong because you will catch trouble sometimes if the design of your garage is not good enough and then this tiny matter may lead to your decrease in benefit if you are doing business, or just simply, waste your time.

I fancy travelling and enjoy as well as discover the architecture over the world. That helps me a lot in my career. With me, you can get a far better design for your building in every kind of architecture with every type of culture you want. Another hobby of mine is reading news as I love to watch the world moving.

Enjoy this site and share your knowledge, your favourite, your love for design with me!