Keypad-Simple Steps to a Successful Installation

By Jack | Tips And Tricks

Sep 24

Garage Door Opener Keypad: Simple Steps to a Successful Installation

One of the many benefits to having a keypad on the outside of your garage door is that you don’t have to hunt around for a remote control in order to be able to open the door. This comes in particularly handy when you need to access the garage but the remote control is in another location, and it also comes in handy should the remote control go missing at any point leaving you trapped out of your garage.

Anyone who has been given the code to the keypad can then simply walk up to it and tap the numbers in, in order for the garage door to begin opening. The difficult part to the whole process however, is actually installing the keypad yourself but with the right guidance, help and tips you can easily get a keypad working on your door.

Which Keypad Should I Choose?

Garage Door Opener Keypad: Which Keypad Should I Choose?

Firstly it comes down to whether you want to buy a universal one. These are the most popular type of keypad but it’s worth checking to see if your garage door is compatible with the keypad. Most newer models of garage door should be so if you have an old one its definitely worth double checking with the owner’s manual and the specification on the universal keypad to see if your door is mentioned.

The second thing to do once you have purchased the keypad is to install the batteries into the keypad and then program it to the garage door opener. Set yourself up a pin code that you will use for entry into the door. Usually a 4 or 6 digit code is used here, and you may have to repeat this code once more before the keypad stores the sequence of numbers that you have entered.

Testing and Installation

Garage Door Opener Keypad: Testing and Installation

Now test to see if the garage door will open and close when you type in that 4 or 6 digit number that you told the keypad to program in. If the door opens and closes which it should do, then we are good to go forward.

Finally you will want to pick a good location on where to screw in the keypad, and most people tend to look for the doorjamb where you enter the garage from the outside. Fix the keypad in this location roughly 5-feet off the ground so it can be accessed by every member of the household.

Wired vs Wireless Types of Keypad

Garage Door Opener Keypad: Wired vs Wireless Types of Keypad

The next point that we want to address for you is the different types of keypad that are on offer these days. You can now choose between a wired or a wireless keypad setup and they both vary slightly. For a start the wireless keypad will cost you more money but it will be much tidier to the eye with no wires being fed in through the garage to the door opener.

Above we talked about setting up a wireless keypad but if you have saved yourself a bit of money and plumped to go for a wired unit then the setup is slightly different in order to get the two units communicating with each other.

The wires from the keypad need to be fed back through the garage and connected to the garage door opener so that they can connect properly with each other. Most people mount the keypad to the wall and then drill a small hole into the garage and feed the wires through this and then up along the wall on the inside.

If you spend some time planning out the positioning of the wire it can look tidy and you won’t even notice from the outside that it is in fact a wired terminal compared to a wireless terminal. The only give away signs will be on the inside of the garage where the wires connect to the garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Keypad: Wired vs Wireless Types of Keypad

If you are installing a code on a wired garage door keypad then you will need to follow these simple steps:

Firstly unplug the door opener from the electrical outlet socket for a brief moment, and then go to the push button wall unit and take away the cover so you can press the Program/Operate switch across to the Program function.

You will now be prompted to input a code into the keypad that is mounted onto the wall outside you garage, so head back outside and do this. Once completed slide that switch back across to operate again, shut the cover and then turn the garage door back on.

This should now work a treat, but double check before you head off by typing in that code you entered previously to see if the garage door will open and close successfully for you.