Home Security Tips for your Garage: What You Must Know!

By Jack | Home Security

Aug 25

Home Security Tips for your Garage: What You Must Know!

The garage is definitely one of the places in your home that sadly gets forgotten about when it comes to security, and it’s quite surprising really that this is the case because most garages contain the family car which weighs in at an expensive loss, not to mention other items that families store in their garage. Perhaps the scariest point to all this though, is that most garages are connected directly to the home through a side door so all you would need is a criminal to break into your garage and soon enough they could find their way into your house using a side door.

Now, hands-up who actually locks the side door into the garage? Exactly, this shows us why securing our garages will not only keep our cars safe but it will also keep our families safe. Follow this handy selection of tips we have created in order to keep your garage secure from now on.

Tip 1 – Don’t Leave the Garage Remote in Your Car

Don’t Leave the Garage Remote in Your Car

One of the biggest no-no’s you can do is to leave the remote to your garage door in your car or truck, because if a thief has managed to break into your car which is parked on a drive then he instantly has access into your garage and then into your home if they really want to go further than stealing the car.

What you want to be doing is making it as hard as possible for burglars to gain access into your home, not making it easy for them and handing it them on a plate. Take the remote inside the house with you once you have parked up for the night. Even if you have parked in the garage don’t leave your remote in the car.

Tip 2 – You May Have a Safe Neighborhood but Don’t Leave You Door Open!

You May Have a Safe Neighborhood but Don’t Leave You Door Open!

The amount of people who leave their garage door open at all times of the day is shocking, and some even leave the house for a few hours but still fail to close their garage doors. Yes, there are some really safe neighborhoods about I grant you that but unfortunately criminals are up to date with these facts as well and usually they are the kind of neighborhoods to target.

Shut your garage doors to stop tempting criminals who are probably driving through your neighborhood checking the situation out, from having any reason to steal from you.

Tip 3 – Install a peephole in the door that separates your garage to your house

Install a peephole in the door that separates your garage to your house

Just like the apartment article that we wrote about last time around on this blog, a peephole can be an incredibly handy little concept and if you do end up hearing some noises coming from your garage at least you can use the peephole to assess the situation rather than storming right through to the garage where you could be met with a criminal carrying a weapon.

This peephole will help protect your family and if you do see something suspicious in your garage you can quickly get on the phone to the local police and let them handle it.

Tip 4 – Got Garage Door Windows? Frost Them

Windows can be a pain, on the one hand them help produce a natural light source to your garage which is great but at the same time they serve as a great feature for thieves who want to see what you inside that is worth taking.

You don’t need to get rid of your windows just because they can be used by thieves; after all they serve a purpose for natural light to get into the garage. All you need to do is frost them so that the light can still get through but vision is covered because of the frosted glass.

If you are feeling really vulnerable with your windows then just cover them up so there is no chance a burglar can see through.

All this does is prevent them seeing what valuables you have hidden behind the garage door and it prevents them from not knowing when you are out in the car and the house is unoccupied.

Tip 5 – Use Motion Detector Lights

Use Motion Detector Lights

This little handy tip will put the spooks up any potential burglar, and it will also alert everyone else in your neighborhood as well! A good security system such as an alarm and motion detector lights are the perfect package when it comes to sealing down your garage from any invasion.

The detectors can identify body temperature and moving objects so if anything is picked up by the detector a light will come on for a pre-set period of time notifying you that something is moving about in your garage. If the movement stops the light will go off, but if something continues to move around the light will remain on.

The only thing that you will have to look for here is that it isn’t an animal or a dog as these pets are common triggers of the motion detector system.

Bonus Tip – Padlocks, Deadbolts and Coded Entry Systems

The final bonus tip we are going to give you is to invest in something like a coded entry system for you’re the door that leads from the garage into your home. If in the unlikely event the intruder got into your garage and you didn’t spot the motion detector lights or alarms, you want to make it as hard as possible for them to bypass the door leading into the house so think about putting in deadbolts, padlocks and a coded entry system.

You want the door that leads from the garage into your home to be just as strong and secure as your front door to the house, don’t take it for granted because it opens up to your garage rather than straight out into the street.