How to Install the Garage Door Opener

By Jack | Tips And Tricks

Oct 16

Installing your own garage door or door opener may seem a terrible project requiring a great deal of efforts and time. But is it really so? Well, actually not. As with every project, all you need to do is educate yourself on it. It might seem like a daunting task, but you’d be surprised as to how smoothly it can go once you know what you’re doing. Plus, the side perk of learning how to do this will save you a lot of money, and you can take all the credit. Pride is a wonderful thing. If you do your homework well, this will probably be a simpler task.However, you will have to meet the prerequisites.
Installationof the Door Openers for garagein a few simple steps is as under:


Step 1: Meet the Prerequisites

Gather your tool inventory:

First of all, you have togather the tool inventory you will be needingfor the installation process.For this purpose, I suggest you to do a comprehensive research about the parts needed to install the Door Openers for garage. It can be found on the internet, or you may ask the hardware retailers to provide you a list of the hardware tools you shall require in the installation. For assistance in installation, you may get the company of a friend.

Get a good quality garage door-opener:

The most basic requirement for the installation of the garage door-opener is actually the garage door-opener itself. For a good quality garage door-opener, I suggest to buy Garage Door Parts Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold as it is affordable and better than some other products available in the market.

Observe Safety Rules:

Of course, you can get yourself injured if you do not observe safety measures. So for being safe,observe all the safety rules that can be found on the product packet or on the internet.

Step 2: Get Started the Installation of Garage door-opener


Basically, there are three types the garage door-opener: 1. Chain driven, 2. Belt driven and 3. Screw driven.This guide relates to the chain driven garage door-opener, which is one of the most widely used type of garage door-openers. Follow the following steps to install the garage door-opener:

  • Get familiar with parts to be installed:

First of all, you must be aware of what you have to do in the entire installation process step by step. You should also know the tube, the power unit, the traveler casing, assembly part and the chain and its behaviour.

  • Affix tube and other small parts to your garage door:

Now, inset the tube into the unit of power and then slide the traveler part on the tube. Then mount the idle assembly part on the finishing corner of the tube, and position the traveller according to the specified instructions by the manufacturer. After this,link the chain to the traveller and loop it around the drive notch wheel on unit of power all over thetraveller and idler assembly on the opposite side creating a connection between both ensuring a good amount of tension.

  • Install the header bracket:

At this point, you have to discover the midpoint of your garage door, mount header bracket on it a few inches above the door height, and connect idler assembly with the power unit.

  • Adjust the place of the power unit:

Now, configure the place of the power unit. Firstly, open the door to full wide position and try to make to adjustment with respect to the door height and select the optimal level of height and place.
Next,mount the power unit to your garage ceiling to affix it with steel angles and leather straps using the appropriate size nails.

Connect the garage door-opener:


Once you have finished mounting the power unit, connect it with the door so that it may open the door itself. However, before connecting the door to power unit, first make sure that the door is functioning properly by opening the door manually. If the door opens freely and easily, go ahead with the following things to do in order to connect the door.

  • To connect the door to power unit, attach the traveler to a linkage assembly, which consists of a bar, the door brackets, and an L-shaped link that is to be connected to the straight bar with bolts.
  • After attaching the traveler with linkage assembly, disengage the door opener from the door by pulling the disconnect cord.
  • Then tie the door brackets to meet them at the center of the door. The L-shaped link is attached to the center point which is usually 3 to 6 inches far from the door top. For fastening the door brackets, you may use steel or fiber glass.
  • Install the garage door-opener control buttons on the wall, which is connected to power unit wires to give command to power unit to produce enough power to either lift the door up or shut it down.For safety, you can use small clips to attach the wire to the ceiling.

Now you are all done with the installation of the garage door-opener. You may check whether the door is functioning properly or not electronically.Do open and shut the door several times with the push button control to test it. Remember one thing, never configure or alter the settings of the garage door-opener without switching off the main power supply.
Apparently, you may find horrible, yet it is really not. Comprehensively and repeatedly review this article to get a good insight of the entire process of installing the garage door-opener.

Final Thoughts

See, it’s not as difficult as it appears. When somebody has laid down the process for you step by step, then the task doesn’t seem so daunting.  We have provided each step of the process to you and shown you the different parts of the garage that you will be concerned with.

No doubt that if you follow the advice above, you will save money by not having to hire a professional and you will have to pride of knowing that you were responsible for the project.

Let us know how this advice worked out for you by getting in touch with us and sharing your story. Also, don’t hold back on voicing your concerns or asking questions. We’d like to hear what’s on your mind.