Best Garage Door Opener Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you facing problems while opening your garage door? Is your garage door, overly loud that you have to consume your much energy to open it? Then surely it is the time for you to spend a small amount of money for your convenience and buy a garage door opener for your garage door.

With a garage door opener you shall enjoy the same level of ease and convenience to operate your garage door that you enjoy while operating your television. Yes, you can operate your garage door with a single tap of finger on garage door control buttons,or staying away from your garage,even sitting in your car, through the remote control access.

If I am not wrong, probably you would also be thinking to get a garage door opener for your garage as well and might be thinking how to purchase and which brands you should buy as there are several brands in the market. Well, continue reading this article, it will help you find the best garage door opener for you.

The garage door opener you need to consider when buying:

  1. Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong 1/2 HP
  2. 8500 LiftMaster Elite Series® Wall Mount
  3. Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive
  4. Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP
  5. Chamberlain PD752D 3/4-Horsepower HP Chain Drive

Types of Garage Door Openers:

Garage door openers are divided into three types on the basis of the technology they use for opening and shutting the garage door. Generically, there are three types of garage door openers which are as under:

  1. Chain Drive Opener
  2. Belt Drive Opener
  3. Screw Drive Opener

1. Chain Drive Opener:

Chain drive garage door opener uses a metallic chain to open and shut the door. The chain is just like the bicycle chain which offers a long life.


Following are the pros of the Chain drive garage door opener:

  • Long life and capable of handling more garage door weight.
  • Less replacement cost.
  • Usually low priced


Following are the cons of the Chain drive garage door opener:

  • Require mediocre level of maintenance.
  • Often produce noise if the chain is not greased or lubricated.

2. Belt Drive Opener:

Belt drive garage door openers use a rubber belt to open or shutthe garage doors.The belt is usually of very high quality that requires no replacement over the years.


Following are the advantages of the garage door opener:

  • One of the quietest and noiseless garage door opener type.
  • Requires less frequent maintenance.


Following are the disadvantages associated with the garage door openers:

  • Belts can easily wear out and needed replacement occasionally.
  • Usually a bit expensive.

3. Screw Drive Opener:

Screw drive garage door opener uses a long metal rod, threaded just like screws.It has more moving parts which are used to lift up and shut the garage door.


Following are the plus points of the Screw drive garage door opener:

  • Less noisy than the chain drive garage door openers.
  • Relatively cheaper.


Following are the shortcomings of the Screw drive garage door opener:

  • Requires frequent maintenance and repair
  • More noisy than the belt drive garage door opener.

Top 5 Best Garage Door Opener Reviews

1. Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong 1/2 HP

We have ranked WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong 1/2 HP Belt Drive garage door opener is durable and noiseless product. The attractive hardware, coupled with the smart security system makes it second in our list.

If you forget to shut your garage door, it will automatically shut it using its feature ‘Time to Closure’ that allows you to shut the door after 5 or 10 minutes. 

This high performance door even does not produce any noise while the door is being opened or shut.

Editor Rating:

Power saving, and battery support are not the mere highlighting features of the product, but there is another eye-popping feature as well.

You can operate your garage door even with your smartphone. The unique MyQ technology of Chamberlain enables you open or shut the door using the smart MyQ app available for Apple and Android users.

8500 LiftMaster Elite Series Wall Mount Garage Door Opener is second in our list of the top 5 best garage door openers as per our garage door opener reviews. 

This garage door opener ensures safety and security as well as a greater level of ease for the user.

It is a smart garage door opener, which constantly monitors the atmospheric conditions, and the height of the garage door and the amount of force required to lift or shut the garage door.

Editor Rating:

It provides the variant force feature that helps enables your garage door opener to adjust the speed of opening / shutting the door at different level of garage door position.

Its battery timing and power consumption is also superbly user-friendly and economical. It also uses the highly encrypted codes to open and shut the door that change each time the door is opened or shut. The door can be handled manually if the power is off. It also provides lifetime motor warranty and 5 year warranty of the product parts.

Chamberlain’s another great product ranks third in our top 5 the best garage door opener. Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive garage door opener at the top, because it has everything that you can expect from a garage door opener including the beauty of the design.

It scores 10 out of 10 stars rating in hardware because of superb, durable and attractive hardware design.

Editor Rating:

Furthermore, it comes up with 2 remote controls instead of 1, it has a large button which you can hit even holding many bags in your hands.

It scores 10 out of 10 star rating in security and safety category as well.It uses codes to command the system to open and shut the door that are different each time a command is sent, so it is quite safe from the code hackers.In addition to this, this garage door offers manual control access that can the remote control access if you lose your remote control.

You will be more relaxing after knowing the 10 out of 10 star rating in warranty and supportcategory as well. This garage door opener has a lifetime warranty on belt and motor, and 5 year warranty on other parts. Besides, online and telephone help and support are also available.

4. Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP

The garage door opener technology is at its peak when it comes to the Direct Drive 1042V 001 ¾ HP garage door opener.

This superb appliance gives you much more than you can imagine to have out of a garage door opener at an affordable price.

It is the only of its kind, as it does not belong to the conventional garage door openers family. Unlike to the belt, screw, and chain drive garage door openers, it has only 1 moving part operated by the motor.

Editor Rating:

It is durable, quiet, and really very strong. However, you shall require the services of professional for installing this unique garage door opener.Not only for the garage, but you can also use it for your home doors as well.

The things are not confined to the above mentioned features only. Direct Drive 1042V 001 ¾ HP garage door opener comes up with lifetime warranty and offers battery timing of up to 30000 hours.

This low priced, but competitive garage door opener is perfect for any type of garage door and therefore it has been ranked 5th in our list of top 5 best garage door openers.

The amazing combination of price, quality and performance, Chamberlain PD612D garage door opener has proved it is worthy of the 4.6 / 5 star rating on Amazon.

Editor Rating:

You are not supposed to hire the services of any professional to get it installed alongside your garage door, because it is fast and easy to install.

Its smart security system protects user from accidental closures,and break-ins and theft. While closing the door it transmits invisible light beams to the floor. If anything is in the way the door itself reverse back to avoid damage.

As per the garage door opener reviews, this product is more reliable than any other present in the market. Therefore, its 1 year limited parts warranty and limited lifetime motor warranty are quite sufficient for the users’ satisfaction.

How to Pick the Best Garage Door Opener?


Why you should own a Garage Door Opener:

Garage door openers are meant to open and shut the garage doors themselves as it uses a motorized mechanical technology powered by electricity. Thus, you are not supposed to produce much effort to open or shut the garage door, which is often an exhausted work.

Sometimes, the door becomes so hard that it is nearly impossible for one person to open it alone. Specially, if a family member of your house with less muscular power (your spouse or daughter) has to open the garage door alone, it will be probably impossible for her to do so.

Thus, you should own a garage door opener, in order to ensure the convenience and ease while opening and shutting your garage door.

The Best Brand:

In the era of this competition,there are several brands in the market offering hundreds of garage door opener products, with distinct and amazing features. However, when it comes to choosing the one particular brand as the best, I award Chamberlain the title of the best brand of garage door openers.

Chamberlain offers many garage door openers. But it does not mean that some are superior and the others are not, rather it means that you have a wide range of options out of which you can choose the one which suits you the most. These products are offered with amazing multiple features, at affordable prices.

Some of the very famous Chamberlain garage door opener products are, Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive, Chamberlain WD832KEV, Chamberlain PD752D, and Chamberlain PD610D.

Some Garage Door Opener and Automatic Gate Opener

Where to Shop for Garage Door Opener?

There are so many methods through which you can get the best garage door opener at your doorsteps. The most important and reliable is to purchase it from your nearest and trusted hardware retailers.

If retailers near your area do not offer garage door openers to sell. You can also buy to wholesalers. However, while purchasing the garage door opener, check the warranty status of the product, and the credibility of the seller.

If you do not have any physical store that can offer you your desired garage door opener, you can buy it online as this is the global era interconnected with the worldwide web. Many retailers such as Chamberlain, LiftMaster and others, offer online selling of their products.

However, you can also purchase online through the online retail stores such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.

The most trusted retailer among the top online sellers is Amazon. It offers you brand new as well as used products, with special discount offers. The manufacturer’s warranty as well as the supplier’s (Amazon’s) guarantee is also present when you are purchasing online from Amazon. As per my suggestion, if you have to buy garage door opener online, go for Amazon.

How to Buy a Best Garage Door Opener?

There a number of factors that you should consider as a rational buyer before buying a garage door opener. You need to follow the following steps before buying a garage door opener for your garage door:

Step 1: Decide How Much Power You Want:

Garage doors greatly vary in sizes and the type of material used in it and thereby their weights also differ. In some cases, you may be having two gates to lift. In such a situation you are required to decide the power you must have at your disposal to successfully lift up and shut the door.

Basically the garage door openers come with the three main sizes of power capacity, 1/3 horsepower, 1/2 horsepower and 3/4 horsepower. 1/3 horsepower garage door opener is capable of opening one door, however a garage door opener with more power is recommended, as it can last for a longer time.

Step 2: Determine the Type of Garage Door Opener:

Secondly, you need to decide what type of garage door opener you want to have with your garage door. There are three generic types of garage door opener: Belt drive garage door opener, Chain drive garage door opener, and screw drive garage door opener.

Each of them has its own pros and cons which are stated above. Out of them you may choose anyone which suits you the most.

Step 3: Think of the Speed:

The speed of the garage door openers varies from brand to brand and product to product. Typically, a garage door opener lifts up garage door 7 inches/ second.

Some products offer nearly double of it while the others offer lower. You have to decide how much speed it important to you and then choose the right brand and product for you.

Step 4: Learn How the Garage Door Opener shall be installed:

There are multiple ways by which a garage door opener can be installed. Depending upon the type, you need to consider multiple factors while deciding the installation method.

You will also need to learn the entire installation process (which can be found in our other articles), if you have decided to install the garage door by yourself. You may also get the services of a professional in this regard.

Step 5: Choose the Garage Door Opener Brand and Carrier:

Now it is the time to choose the right type of brand the relevant product model for your garage door. While choosing the product of a particular brand you should keep in mind the warranty of the motor and other parts and support assistance of the brand. You have to compare the prices of the product lest you should deviate from your budget.

For your ease, we have recommended Chamberlain garage door opener based on our garage door opener reviews. We have also suggested the possible ways through which you can buy your garage door opener.

If you want to get it online, you can also use the safest online retailer Amazon.

Step 6: Go For It:

When you are done with the above steps, you are good to go with buying the garage door opener and getting it installed.

Don’t forget to read the safety measures while installing your garage door opener. It is strongly recommended to take the help of an expert or a friend who have the good know how of the machines, especially of garage door openers.

Your Checklist for Buying a Garage Door Opener:

When you are going to buy the garage door opener, you should develop a checklist of the things / factors that you must consider at the time of purchasing.For your convenience, a sample checklist has been illustrated below:

  • Brand and model names that you are interested in to choose from
  • Your price range and the estimate of total installation cost of the garage door opener.
  • Warranty status of the product’s part and motor.
  • Equipment required for the installation.
  • Maintenance method and frequency.

Please note that it is just a sample checklist, you can add or remove any bulleted point, depending upon your certain conditions and constraints.

Install a Garage door Opener


In short, garage door openers are extremely helpful that assist you to operate your heavy garage doors the way you want, ensuring much ease and convenience. Now-a-days, the technology has also improved garage doors much, and there is a wide variety of garage door openers as well.

You can choose any brand and model that fits you the most. Some of these garage doors are really superb in terms of quality, price and durability which we have mentioned in the top 10 best garage door openers head. We have also discussed in detail the top 5 of them based on our garage door opener reviews.

However, you need to have in your knowledge certain things, which can be well understood by reading this write-up.

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