7 Reasons why your Garage Door System Replacement is Indispensable

By Jack | Tips And Tricks

Nov 23

It often happens that your garage door suddenly stops working or does not open properly. There can be many reasons to that, sometimes there is a mechanical problem that can be fixed or in some cases it is irrepairable.
In another situation, your garage door may have been damaged because of extreme weather conditions. Instead of repairing a rusted, non-functional garage door you should replace it. Since security comes first.
Moreover, new garage door designs are quite enticing and if your door is years old, it obviously needs replacement, why not add appeal to your garage with an elegant and sturdy door?
A garage door needs to be weather resistant and secure, so if your door system is facing the following problems, replacing it would help.

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Annoying Noise Issues:

If you have a garage door that makes a disturbing noise and you often get complaints from neighbors regarding the loud sound, it is a sign that your door is wearing out gradually.
A garage door opens and closes by a chain drive. The chain is attached quite close to the motor of door opener. The noise issues are due to the models of garage doors that have chain openers.
The noise issues are persistent in case of chain door openers, so don’t waste time and money looking for a fix. Instead you should look up for a garage door system that is comparatively quitter.

Doors that need Keys:

New technology is being employed for the manufacture of garage doors to make them more functional for the users. Some models of garage doors use keys for their operation.
Having such a door is not safe, since it is not difficult for the burglars to break in. You should replace a garage door with keys and get a new one with keypad feature.
This innovative feature allows you to set a code for the door. Many new models for keypad garage door have been introduced, a few of them don’t even need codes, they work by touch system, even more likable for tech pro people.

Doors with Safety Reversal:


One of the most important features of a garage door is the safety reversal which has a couple of sensors to detect the presence of a toddler or pet near the door. This feature is vital for a garage door, if you have one without it, consider replacing it especially when you have kids at home.
Safety rules were revised in 1993 according to which it was mandatory for all garage doors to have safety reversal. But it is plausible that your door does not have the mechanism or it may not be working properly.
In both scenarios, start searching for a new garage door. Since almost all door models have safety reversal openers, you will find numerous options.

Never Compromise on Security:

Garage door system that works with remote control might seem safe to you. But have you ever wondered that intruders can easily access your code. There are devices that can trace a security code even from a distance. So you ought to be vigilant.
Why not buy a garage door that changes the code automatically after shutting down. Contemporary garage door models have this feature and these doors are way safer than the old ones.
In order to avoid any troubling situation, replace your garage door system with a newer model with optimum security features.

Battery issues:

Garage door system operates through a battery, it often happens that it runs out of power and you feel stuck. It is quite frustrating and sometimes you are running late for work or an event.
If your garage door is troubling you frequently because of the battery issues, replace it a new one that has long lasting battery. There are a number of garage door systems with powerful battery support, make your pick and save yourself time.

Problems with Door Operator:

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Facing problems with the door opener? It can happen that the door starts opening without any aid. In some cases it is due to improper handling but a technical problem like damaged wiring is a serious issue.
If your door opener is not working properly, repairing it will not solve the problem. You need a garage door system that is reliable, so replace it with a new one.

Replacing a Dented Heavy Door:

Garage doors are exposed to extreme heat, cold, rainfall and sometimes snow. Whether they are made of iron or wood; rust, scratches and dents are likely to damage them.
Saving money is a concern for everyone and it is quite logical to spend a small amount on repairing the garage door instead of buying a new one. But think of it in the long term aspect.
You have to spend money on repairing a heavy, rusted garage door more often, why not replace it with a newer one? It will cost you initially more than the repairing expenses but in the long run you will be pleased at your purchase.

Tips on replacing a garage door:

You are all set for replacing your old garage door with a newer one, there are a few things that need to be considered. You should look out for options according to your budget and requirements. Here are a few tips to help you buy a worthwhile garage door system:

  • There are various garage doors that are overly expensive and have cool features. Do not buy an overly priced door.
  • Seek features that you need. For instance prefer a door system with battery backup. It is a functional feature that will enhance the durability of door.
  • Garage doors are available in many attention grabbing designs. You need to consider the exterior of your place while making a choice.
  • Key element of a garage door is its resilience. Gauge the quality of a door system before taking your buying decision.
  • Make a purchase from credible brand and prefer a door with warranty.

I hope the shared information would help you in replacing your garage door system wisely.