8 Insightful Tips for your Garage Door Maintenance

By Jack | Tips And Tricks

Nov 22

Garage door is the most frequently operated gate in your house, if not properly maintained and handled, it may wear out before time. Instead of spending money on repairing and replacement why not handle it with care?
Every kind of garage door needs inspection and maintenance for efficient functioning. You need to run a monthly check on your door system to avoid any trouble; since a garage door not only gives entrance or exit access to vehicles it is crucial for the safety of your house.
Monitoring the door system and lubricating at regular intervals is likely to enhance its durability. Following are some useful tips to help you maintain garage door system conveniently.

maintain garage

Regular Visual Assessment:

This is the easiest way to scan your door system. Do it on a relatively free day, like Sunday. Close the door and thoroughly have a look at all the wires, pulleys, springs and hardware. You will come to know if any part is getting damaged or needs replacement.
Assess slowly and meticulously, there can be a sound that was not there earlier or a nut bolt is loosened which needs to be fixed. These trivial things need attention because they can lead to a grave problem that might cost you a lot of money.
If you think that the door needs to be examined by an expert, avail the services of a technician and get all the cables, springs checked cautiously.

Maintaining the Door Opener:

Doors with automated door openers need monthly check. Once in a month you need to detach the opener and inspect if the door can be lifted and shut down manually without much effort. In any case, get it serviced.
When you get a garage door system installed with an opener, you feel over confident about its efficiency, it is true that these door are quite functional and secure. But like all machines or products that need proper handling, a garage door needs monthly maintenance.

Scanning the working of sensors:

Almost all the door systems have sensors to detect the presence of pets or kids. The sensor works by a laser beam. You need to monitor the working of photo eye or sensors regularly.
This feature of a garage door is vital for the safety of your pets and toddlers, Federal law made it necessary for the door manufacturers to add edge sensors for avoiding unpleasant situations.
In order to know whether your door sensors are properly working or not, bring an object close to the sensor and see if it senses it. Take a dry cloth and clean it. In case your door sensor is working, call a professional to get it repaired. Do not delay it.
Sometimes the photo eyes do not work because they are out of position, you can get them aligned easily. Scan their functionality after adjustment to make sure you have done it accurately.

Reversal Mechanism needs to be gauged:

Being a key feature of contemporary garage doors, you ought to gauge the working of reversal mechanism. There are some door models which do not have this feature, they need to be replaced.
Place an object in the middle of your garage door and close it with the opener, if the system is perfect, the door would reverse, in case it does not you need to call a technician.
Always seek assistance from a trained expert, do not rely on newer companies providing garage door servicing. A credible service provider would guide you better about the maintenance issues.

Checking the Batteries:

batery check_

Automatic garage door systems operate through batteries, the latest models have longer back up time but even then you need to see if they are not out of power.
Sometimes a sudden power outage occurs and as a result your door system gets jammed. In order to avoid such annoying situations, frequently check the batteries. If you feel they are giving less output, replace them.

Training the Children:

There are incidents of serious injuries that have been caused by moving garage doors. So if you have kids at home, they need to know about the operation of garage door to avoid an accident.
If you have toddlers, make sure there are always accompanied by an adult in and around the garage area. For children aged 3-8 tell them that this door is not a fun thing and can hurt them.
In case of keypad operating doors, do not let children operate them.

Lubricating the different parts:

Like any machinery that needs lubrication for efficacy, different parts of your garage door also need to be greased. Take alubricant and spray it on the springs and joints.
Lubrication is not recommended monthly, you can do it after six months. Liquid Wrench is likely to give you best results.

Examining the Balance:

A nicely fixed garage door has a weight of 7 -12 pounds. If your door is heavier than that, it is out of balance. A heavy door mars the functioning of the door and affects safety reversal and other features.
Moreover a heavy door is likely to get damaged quickly and hence you would be looking out for replacing it. In order to avoid these hassles, examine the balance of your door recurrently.

Extra Tips:

In addition to the above mentioned tips, follow these steps to maintain your garage door system

  • In case of automatic door operating systems, you need to properly open and shut the doors, even if you are in a rush make sure to close the door on your way out.
  • Since the garage doors are vulnerable to damage in case of close vehicle contact, always park your automobile at a safe distance.
  • If you are using a touch operating garage door system, handle it with care since rough usage can cause it to hang and then you would be in trouble.
  • Some door systems need regular maintenance routine while others don’t require it too often. According to the kind of your garage door, tune up the various parts that need cleaning and fixing.

I hope these tips are enlightening enough to help you maintain garage door system deftly.