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Garage Door Opener Side Mount: 8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack

Garage Door Opener Side Mount: 8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack

By Jack | LiftMaster

Jul 06
8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack Garage Door Opener
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Review Summary:

Power Lock, 888LM wall control, Safety Beams, Remote Light and transmitter included MyQ Compatible. Jackshaft/ Side Mount Opener. Must have front mount torsion springs for compatibility. Orders to HI and AK will be canceled


Having a garage door opener side mount is so standard nowadays, that it’s rare to see a garage door without it. Because it is an automated device, if it’s installed incorrectly, it could do some severe damage.

The security of your family is the most essential thing that you must consider when constructing your home. Since it is an integral part of the house, you have to get the best garage door opener that won’t just serve as an opener for the overhead garage door, but will also protect and secure your home.

The 8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack Garage Door Opener Side Mount Security is undoubtedly the best choice for a protected and secure garage.

Benefits to Having a Garage Door Opener Side Mount

You may be wondering: why have a side mounted garage door opener rather than a standard one? Well, there are a few reasons why they’re beneficial.

Does not obstruct the ceiling

Having a side mount garage door opener means that it is mounted on the side of the garage door, hence its name.

If you have a larger vehicle that you keep in the garage, this makes it an excellent option.

It will also open up some overhead storage space.

Easy maintenance

It won’t drip on your floor on your car.

Also, you won’t have to stretch your door because of cable stretch.

This opener doesn’t require rails, so that is one less thing to have to take care of.


Because they are mounted on the side, it frees up space in your garage.

Rails aren’t needed

You won’t need rails to hang your opener from, since it’s mounted on the side.

Benefits of LiftMaster 2-Pack Garage Door Opener Side Mount:

  • Safe & smooth working in the cold: garage door won’t move in the freezing cold
  • Easy installation process: there are provided instructions
  • Connect with internet: you’re able to control the door from inside your car and from your smartphone
  • Check status of door: it tells you if your door is open or shut, making it easy to check in case you forget
  • Automatic lights: lights of the opener automatically turn on when the infrared beam for the Protector System’s is broken
  • 2.0TM & MyQ® technology compatible

If you are still feeling confused about the product, you can see a myriad of customer reviews online from websites like Amazon and more.

The Great Features of 8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack

This specific garage door opener has a high working capacity and makes virtually no noise. It also fits in rather small spaces.

I genuinely enjoy that it has a lock that will prevent anyone from opening your door.

You can also purchase an add-on to connect it to wi-fi. This will enable you to open and close the door directly from a smartphone.

Here are some of the extraordinary features of this garage door opener side mount.

  • Quiet installation: Powerful 24-V DC motor is extremely quiet
  • Easy installation: Simple wall supports (aka no bars to hang)
  • Fully automated: Comes with adaptable speeds and smooth start and stop
  • Regulation: Auto-force monitors the system and regulates floor height, temperature variations, and door track movement
  • Protection: Opener light turns on by design when the infrared beam for Protector System is broken. Also, let’s you automatically program security codes from the MyQ® Control Panel® or the power head.
  • Link with Internet & home link repeater: Able to pair with Wi-Fi to control from car or smartphone

Pros and Cons of 8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack

These are small and noiseless. The best thing about this is they have a lock system that will prevent anybody from getting into your garage. Also, it can be connected with the internet and your smartphone.

The only issue isn’t with the Liftmaster directly. These openers require you to change wiring, as they are placed at the front of the garage, rather than the roof.

Here are some pros and cons to help you understand more clearly.


  • Competitive price: The price of this amazing product is very competitive and anyone even with limited budget can afford this. Check Price at Amazon.com
  • Easy installation: The installation process is very much easy and it can be installed with the given step-by-step instructions in the manual
  • Quiet operation: This amazing product is famous because of its quiet and noiseless working.
  • Security features: In order to ensure the security and safety of your family, this device is said to be the best way to keep thieves away from your garage.
  • Warranty: Although, the company provides 5 years of warranty with the product, but it is made with such amazing quality that it can last for much more years, if used properly.


Despite the fact that, this is an amazing product with piles of features and benefits for users, however there are a few issues in it. One minor issue with this device is that they do need distinctive wiring as they are placed at the front of the door, rather than the roof so you will need to include this. One more drawback is with the infrared sensor motion and the "security" light choice. At the point when the door for your garage is open and some person breaks the infrared beam at the base of the door (somebody strolling into the garage), the garage light comes on. In any case, this just happens when the door is totally open. If you leave your door slightly open, this feature does not work.

What Are Customers Saying?

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Using This Product Correctly

As soon as you get this fantastic product for your own garage door, the very first thing that you need to do is to read the product manual to fully understand its features and the process to use it.

Also, it is crucial to hire a professional technician to install this device. It is essential to install it properly in order to ensure the safety and protection of your family. If you are thinking of installing it by yourself, first read the manual carefully and then follow the step by step instructions carefully to install it properly.

Summing It Up: Is a Garage Door Opener Side Mount Right For You?

There is no doubt that this fantastic garage door opener Side Mount Security could be an excellent choice for your security. However, it is essential to know the product before you buy it. After reading the features and benefits of this product, it is now much easy for you to choose what’s best for you.

This noiseless garage door opener is truly a smart choice for a personal household garage door, as it offers you with the great and useful features. One more important consideration is to physically examine all hardware parts of the 8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack Garage Door Opener Side Mount Security to ensure everything is in order.

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