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Dec 11

A Comprehensive Look At The 10 Best Garage Floor Coating

By Lydia | Resources

The best garage floor coating will have the highest percentage of solids and offer optimal stain and hot tire resistance without a fussy application. While thorough cleaning is required, covering your garage floor is an easy and generally inexpensive process. 10 Best Garage Floor Coating (Plus Buyer’s Guide) Preserving or restoring your garage floor to a […]

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Sep 03

How To Get The Perfect Garage Lighting And Other Tips

By Jack | Resources

Garage lighting is a surprisingly tricky subject. The most important factors are the size of your garage, the location of the outlets, and the temperature outside. Here’s what else you should know to get the perfect garage lighting. Quick Navigation Think Of Your Garage As A Series Of Car-Shaped AreasDecide What Type Of Lighting You […]

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