Automatic Gate Opener – Buying guide

In the recent few years, a huge hype is seen in people who are in search for some equipment that could help them protect them and their belonging. With the growing demand to protect yourself and keeping your belongings safe, automatic gate openers can be the ideal choice for you. You will not have to hire any security guards to protect your belongings; just you will have to install the best automatic gate opener. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose any high quality sliding, swing and dual gate openers according to your gates.

You will also not need any type of professional assistance during the installation of these types of gate openers.You can easily install these type of gate openers by just following the simple instructions given in the installation manual that comes along with them. Gate openers usually are capable of producing high level of force that is why you will definitely have to take some precautionary measures, during, before and after their installation. A great deal of safety and care is always required when your gate opener is working.

Top 3 Best Automatic Gate Opener

1. Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener (Single Swing Gates)

2. Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Medium Duty Single Swing Gates

3. Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Single Swing Gates

Review of 3 Best Automatic Gate Opener

1. Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener (Single Swing Gates)

Mighty Mule automatic gate opener is one of the top gate openers of America since 1987. An opener can easily be utilized for numerous applications. It is also perfect for all types of gates like for instance chain link, wood, tube, panel and vinyl. In the package, it consists of a battery box with a control board, single button remote, AC transformer and an installation manual with an installation DVD. Everything is present in the package except the 12-Volt Mighty Mule Battery.

If you are bored and getting sick of getting out of your vehicle to manually, open and close the gate, especially in harsh weather condition, Mighty Mule gate opener can be the perfect choice for you. Mighty Mule Gate Opener for single swing gates is especially designed to open lightweight gates, which have a height of 12-feet. It comes with a one-year Mighty Mule warranty. You can easily install this automatic gate opener in a duration of 2-3 hours easily.

2. Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Medium Duty Single Swing Gates

The Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for medium duty single swing gates is ideal for swing gates weighing 550 pounds or having a height of 16-feet. It can easily be installed on tube, vinyl and chain link gates. This amazing gate opener is popular among people all around the world due to its reason of being solar compatible that makes it perfect for rural environments in an effective manner. 

It also requires a marine style battery or an automotive, which is actually not included in the package. It can easily be used with Mighty Mule accessories like for instance digital keypad, gate opening sensor, gate lock, solar panel and many more. The package of this gate opener consists of one remote control transmitter, pivot brackets and mounting hardware.

3. Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Single Swing Gates

Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Single Swing Gates is one of the ideal gate openers for heavy-duty gates, which can weigh up to 850 pounds or be up to a height of 18-feet. It is basically a 12-volt DC powered low power system that is extremely powerful, durable and dependable even in harsh weather conditions. You can easily install this heavy-duty automatic gate opener without requiring any sort of professional assistance. This spectacular gate opener features adjustable auto close, adjustable gate activation alert, control box, Soft Start and Stop and an UL approved Obstruction Sensing System.

Decide What Type of Automatic Gate Opener to Use

1. Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

Automatic sliding gate opener can help you serve multiple variety of purposes with ease. They can easily be installed on fence gates, driveway fence gates and many more. The sliding gates in an automatic form are one of the latest in sliding doors available today. You can use operate these automatic gates openers by just sitting in your car.

There are also many other accessories which can be used for opening of these automatic sliding doors like for instance keypad openers, phone entry systems and many more. When it comes for enhanced protection and security of your belongings, there is no better option than automatic sliding gate openers. If you are planning to sell your property, make sure that you have installed an automatic sliding gate opener, as it will help you increase your chances of selling your property in a good price. These gate openers run on both battery and motor.

2. Automatic Swing Gate Opener

Automatic swing gate openers can help you protect your belongings in an effective manner. These gate openers works like you open the door of your bedroom, means its opens inward or outwards. It can easily be used in small and large spaces. It has a swing arm operator, which sits off to side and has an extending arm to the gate. The automatic swing gate openers are available at an economical price as compared to the price of other types of gate openers. These types of gate openers can help you give a traditional appearance to your residential and business properties. A battery or a motor can easily operate them. The battery backup enables the gate to open and close even if the motor is not working.

3. Automatic Dual Gate Opener

Automatic dual gate openers are considered to be among the most commonly used automatic gate openers for residential and business use. These types of gate openers usually consists of two operators, dual control boards, dual transmitters, two pairs of photocells, dual receivers and single interface for master and slave applications. The most important advantage of these gate openers is that they actually require less swing distance that means that a gate like this could be ideal for you if you have a small space. These types of gate openers could be expensive than other types of gate openers but can help you give more elegant and traditional look to your gate than other.

Discover the Benefits of Owning an Automatic Gate Opener

Today, you can see that automatic gadgets are becoming the most part of everyone’s life due to their extraordinary comfort and ease. Automatic gate openers are being used at various points in our houses and commercial garages. Having endless benefits of these automatic openers, you could see vast majorities of people depending upon them. Here are some of the major benefits that you can avail from them:

  • Consistent in Functionality: The purposed function that you need to check is that it opens the lock automatically without having any type of problem. However, you may face some mechanical issues with these door openers but still they are considered best in terms of functionality.
  • Provides Enhanced Security: Security plays an important role when it comes to places like garages and home doors with automatic gate openers as you can get excellent extent of protection for your belongings or vehicles. As if for instance, if a burglar tries to open your garage door or you have left your garage door open it will make noise to alert you.
  • Enhanced Safety Level: Another benefit, which you can gain from these door openers, is that you can enjoy enhanced level of safety. There are some universal sensors located in these gate openers that will help you provide enhanced security to your doors by preventing them from opening.
  • Easy to use: The other major benefit of these openers is that they are easy to use. In a matter of fact if you compare these gate openers with manual ones, you will surely see that how convenience and ease plays a vital role in them. If you are using these gate openers, you will just have the button on the remote and thus it will manage all the locks without any hassle.

How to Choose an Automatic Gate Opener

Below I have mentioned few steps that will help you choose an automatic gate opener:

Step 1: Size of your gate

There are mostly home owners who decide the size of their property gate according to the design and structure of their building. It is important for you that before deciding the size of your gate, you must measure the length of the single gate. However, the size of the entrance will have a straight effect on the amount of power that will be consumed by the gate operator. While browsing for multiple gate openers, you will have to compare their sizes in order to determine the amount of power required by the gate opener. If you wish to operate your gates without putting burden on your electricity bill, it is better to opt for a gate opener, which weighs less.

Step 2: Types of gate opener

There are different types of automatic gate openers available on the market today, which can close and open in different ways. Before selecting the swing and slide model gates, you will have to determine that whether you are planning to buy a single gate or a double gate for your property. Moreover, location and placement of the operator will be depending upon the design of the gate opener. You can also place the operator underground or overhead according to your desire. Therefore, it is important for you to decide the design of the gate opener by considering the whole structure of your space and building.

Step 3: Operate your automatic gate opener

Being a homeowner you will have several options to access and operate your automatic gate opener. Many manufacturers have launched gate openers of various designs and sizes, but have different access modes for operating. Computer programs can operate some latest models. You will have to decide which type of gate opener you want, as there are gate openers, which can be operated by a keypad, card reader, telephone entry, remote control and more. Therefore, it is important for you to decide the right mode of access gate opener that is suitable for your gates in an effective manner.

Step 4: Price

Price of the gate openers usually varies on the size, shape, design and its mechanism. Some manufacturers charge a high price of their products. Therefore, before purchasing your gate, it is important for you to collect proper information about the prices of these gate openers from offline and online resources. You can also avail the option of ordering it online in order to get a better and discounted deal to save money.

Attention Using Automatic Gate Opener

Below I have discussed some tips that you should follow during using an automatic gate opener:

  • You will have to stand clear during opening and closing of the gate, as entrapment can cause you serious injury or in some cases death. These motorized sliding and swinging gates are dangerous while opening and closing, so stay safe and stand clear while motion of these gates.
  • Make sure that the automatic gate opener you use for your gate opener has a mark of a nationally recognized testing laboratory like for instance “UL”. These marks shows that the product is genuine and is tested with the UL 325 Standard for Safety.
  • Never try to reach through the motorized gate to operate your gate opener controls, as it is quite dangerous. The UL Safety Standard for gate openers also prohibits controlling the gate openers while standing within reach of the gate or the gate opener.
  • You should install and position the gate controls at a distance of 10-feet, so the person using the controls cannot touch the gate or the gate opener.
  • Do not allow children to play alongside automated gates. It could prove to be a deadly game for them. You can also take time to teach your children about the safety measures to adapt while near an automated gate.


It is important for you to make an educated decision and get your hands on the best suitableautomatic gate opener that fits both your gate’s dimensions and features and most importantly your budget in an effective manner. You can install it yourself and avoid the tension of hiring professional help and wasting your valuable money. However, improperly installed gate openers could be dangerous. Get yourself the best gate opener after reading this buying guide for automatic gate opener.

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