Black Max 7000 Watt Generator Review: Reliability, Efficiency And Safety

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Aug 06
Black Max 7000 Watt Generator
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Review Summary:

If you can get past a few small design flaws and a less than whisper quiet noise level, then the Black Max 7000 watt generator is one of the best choices for portable power around.

Imagine a world without electricity—no phone, no computer, refrigeration, heat, air conditioning, radio, lights, or any other of the devices that make modern life possible and bearable. Not a fun prospect if you aren’t prepared for it. But even if a storm rolls in or an earthquake hits and knocks out the power in your home, portable gas-powered generators are a simple and convenient way to get the juice flowing again. With that said, this Black Max 7000- watt review will help you learn about one of the best products available.

One of the most popular generators on the market right now is the Black Max 7000 watt gas powered generator. It can provide power when your home has lost it or can give you the convenience and safety of electricity even when you are out and about in the great outdoors. But how well does it perform this function when compared to other generators in its class? That’s what we are here to find out.

Let’s take a look at how gas-powered generators function and what the best ones can do for you so we can get a good idea of how well the Black Max 7000 can work for you. Then we’ll go over the features and unique capabilities it has to help you decide if it’s right for you. Let’s flip the switch and get started!

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Gas Powered Portable Generators: Electricity When and Where You Want It

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There are dozens of reasons why you might need a device that creates electricity that can also be easily moved from one place to another. Electricity is vital for living in today’s world, but you aren’t always next to an outlet, and sometimes the power is out so it wouldn’t matter even if you were. This is where portable generators come in.

Portable generators are relatively small; usually no bigger than a medium-sized suitcase. However, they provide electricity no matter where you are by burning electricity to power an alternator. This same process, more or less, takes place in your car while you are driving it. That’s where your radio, headlights and spark plugs get their juice. But a portable generator comes with outlets of its own so you can plug directly into it.

Anything that runs on electricity and can be plugged in can be used with a portable generator from radios and flashlights to TVs and phone chargers. To power them, all you need is run of the mill gasoline that you can get at any gas station. In a pinch, you can even siphon the gas from your car to power the generator!

Of course, as an internal combustion engine, portable generators need to be operated outside or in extremely well-ventilated areas as it gives off carbon monoxide as exhaust. You wouldn’t run a car in a closed room, and the same must be said for a gas generator. There are some other safety considerations to think about, but we will go into detail on those later.

Gas Powered Portable Generators: Electricity When and Where You Want It

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This Black Max generator has a whole host of features and capabilities that make it a good purchase for someone with power needs away from wired buildings. It also has a few drawbacks to it, compared with other models. Let’s start with the positive features that help the Black Max generator stand out.


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When dealing with high amounts of electricity and internal combustion engines, safety is always a top priority. The Black Max 7000 watt generator comes with an emergency shutoff function that stops the generator if the oil level gets too low. This low oil level can create damaging friction in the engine and overheat it, so you don’t want it running in that state.

This generator also comes with a “zero gravity” frame setup, which just means that it is suspended in a metal frame to prevent contact with the ground and anything else that might damage it or impede its function. The Black Max generator is also wheeled for ease of portability, and the tires are of a never-flat design, meaning there is no danger of a blowout which can tip the generator over or make it difficult or dangerous to move.


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A generator is only as good as the power it provides, and the Black Max generator provides a lot. As the name suggests, this generator puts out 7000 watts of power, but that is only its continuous power output. It can generate up to 8750 watts of electricity in “startup” mode. This mode is for larger appliances that need a big jump to get started. It is not advised to leave the generator in startup mode if you can help it.

7000 watts is more than enough to power just about anything that you can plug into the generator. Not only that, but multiple devices can be plugged in, and all are provided with power without suffering a drop in performance. There is a total of none outlets on the Black Max generator, eight 120 volt plugs at 20 amps and a single twist lock 240-volt plug at 30 amps.

You could even plug in a power strip for even more access. As long as you are using it for small appliances and not huge power drawing machinery you should feel no drop in performance even with a dozen or more devices plugged in.


Perhaps the most popular feature of the Black Max 7000 Watt generator is its long running time. Producing a lot of power is great, but if it only lasts for a couple of hours, then much of the convenience is lost as you must either refuel or shut it down. Furthermore, the cost of gas isn’t exactly cheap, so you want your generator to stretch those gallons as far as possible before having to fork over more cash for a refill.

Many of the portable gas generators on the market only run for four to six hours on a single tank. The Black Max generator, on the other hand, can run for up to eight hours on a single tank of gas. If you run the generator at only 50 percent capacity, you can extend that run time to over ten hours. This extended run time is made possible by the engines larger gas tank which holds six gallons of gas.

As long as the generator has gas, however, it can run indefinitely. But you won’t always have extra gas tanks lying around, so it’s nice to have a guaranteed ten hours of power regardless of your gas stockpile. Just don’t forget that, like all internal combustion engines, the Black Max needs motor oil to maintain function and will shut off if it runs out and won’t start until it is refilled.


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The Black Max employs a Honda Electric Start GX390 commercial grade engine that boasts 13.5 horsepower. This engine is lauded by the industry as a reliable one, that starts up and runs smoothly even after years of regular use. Honda’s name brand has earned a lot of trust, and their engines rarely need servicing compared to other engines.

The frame and wheels also appear to be in great condition. Few, if any issues with them have been reported in consumer reviews and they are described as sturdy and rugged. If you plan on taking this generator into the great outdoors, you can rest easier a little knowing it can take a bit of punishment.


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The Black Max 7000 watt generator has several additions and features to make it easier and more intuitive to use. For starters, it boasts a four in one display that shows you how long the generator has been running, the voltage, the hertz, and how much longer it will likely run before it runs out of fuel and must be refilled. With this information, you can accurately track your usage and make informed decisions on how to stretch your gas tank into longer operating periods.

This generator also comes with a collapsible handle that stows away when not in use to reduce the area needed and helps the generator fit into smaller spaces. It is sturdy and has a foam grip for better control. As mentioned above, the tires are rugged and have treads so they can be rolled over rough(ish) terrain. The generator itself is quite heavy, but by all accounts, the carrying handle and tires make it very easy to move around.

Another convenient feature is the built-in battery maintainer. This handy device plugs into your wall outlet and keeps the generator’s battery charged. Why charge up a generator that is supposed to make its own electricity?

To get you charged up again in a hurry when the power goes out, that’s why. Instead of waiting for the generator to produce enough power to start up all the appliances and devices you need it to, the battery provides enough juice to allow you to start them up right away. It’s not necessary to leave it plugged in, but it is nice experiencing only a slight hiccup when the power dies before getting the lights back on with your Black Max generator.

Where We Thought It Could Be Better

All around, the Black Max 7000 watt generator is a fantastic piece of machinery that performs its functions well and exceeds expectations. But it is not without its flaws. These drawbacks are, by comparison, slight, but it is important to get all the facts. Some common complaints include:

  • Noise: While the Black Max is pretty quiet as far as generators go, it still is not quiet enough for a relaxing getaway in the wilderness. If peace and quiet are what you are prioritizing over power output, then a smaller, quieter generator is probably a better fit. Consider solar or even hand cranked for those extended outings.
  • The Handle: While the handle is sturdy, some reports state that it is not attached to the frame as well as it could be. Luckily, minimal effort is required to right this problem, and you can likely do it yourself should the problem arise.
  • Refilling: Access to the gas cap is a bit restricted as you have to reach past parts of the frame and motor. If you have large hands, wear gloves while operating the generator or both you might have some difficulty getting the cap off to refuel. Not the end of the world but not convenient either.
  • Customer Service: Many consumer reports speak of poor customer service when a part needs to be replaced or repaired. It seems that some parts have been discontinued or are hard to find so it can be difficult to get help from customer service. Luckily the generator is durable, so needing help is rare, but that isn’t helpful to the few who experience problems.

Tips For Operating A Generator

It’s imperative to use your generator properly, to get the most out of it. Here are a few tips to abide by:

Don’t Use The Generator Too Close To Your Home

Carbon dioxide poisoning is a serious danger, and it’s important not to run the generator in your garage or too close to your home. There are usually manufacturer warnings on the label, that must be adhered to. So, make sure you follow instructions to ensure your family’s safety. You might have to go buy a longer extension cord, but it’s worth it.

Run The Machine On A Flat Surface

Some generators have lubrication systems that include crankshaft dippers the grab the oil and splash it onto the rotating parts. That system functions properly if the generator is on a flat surface; however, if the machine is slanted, the dippers can’t reach the oil. As a result, the engine parts become dry and it causes the unit to breakdown. Therefore, you should make sure to read all manufacturer instructions beforehand.

Keep Motor Oil Handy

You never know when you will have an extended outage, so having additional oil is a must. You’ll typically need an oil change after a day of running the unit, so if you be prepared. You should also purchase extra filter before an outage occurs.

Avoid Theft

Unfortunately, people will steal your generator if you’re not careful. The last thing you’ll want during a power outage is getting your equipment stolen. You can place ground anchors in to secure the chain or you can put it in concrete. Dig a hole and put a ground rod and eye hook in the cement. 

Minimize The Cord Length

No matter how far away you prefer your generator to be, it’s best not to use a cord that’s over 100 feet. The long length causes a voltage drop can create premature damage to the motor and compressor.

Prevent House Fires

There’s usually a residential limit to the amount of gasoline that can be stored in a garage. You might decide to buy a large gallon of fuel, to reduce the number of store runs for refills—but that’s not a good idea. You can’t hold and pour a huge can of gas without accidentally spilling it, and it becomes a fire hazard. Instead, it’s a good idea to purchase two 5-gallon cans.

How To Decide What Size Backup Generator You Need

Before you can buy the proper generator, you should determine how much power is needed to back up your home. Take notes of each appliance in your home and tally up the watts to decide what size generator you need. On the other hand, you can just add up the appliances that you want to keep running if there’s a power outage.

Typical Wattage Requirements:

  • Laptop: 250W
  • TV: 300W
  • Washing Machine: 1,200W
  • Freezer: 500- 1,2000W
  • Microwave: 600- 1,2000W
  • Refrigerator: 700- 1,200W

Final Thoughts On The Black Max Generator Review

You can’t do much better than the Black Max 7000 watt generator. It provides long stretches of reliable power with enough safety and convenience features to make operating it a breeze. It has tons of outlets and is easy to move around to wherever you need it. Its reliability is great for peace of mind, as it would be terrible to have the power go out and have your generator follow not long after.

You can use this generator for emergencies at home, camping (or perhaps, glamping) trips, the work shed out back or temporary off-site work spaces. This Black Max generator is great for many such mid-range power needs.

If you only need a little bit of juice for things like charging phones, cameras or other small devices you would be better off with a smaller non-gas generator. If you require power for several large-scale industrial or commercial machinery you want to go bigger; the Black Max is powerful, but even it has its limits.

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