Chamberlain PD612EV 1/2 HP MyQ Enabled Chain Drive Review

By Jack | Chamberlain

Jul 02
Chamberlain PD612EV 1/2 HP MyQ Enabled Chain Drive Garage Door Opener, Off White
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Review Summary:

The contrast magnifies with the advancement of technology every single day. Can you travel back a decade and answer me a question? If somebody had told you that you don’t need to open the door.

It is hard to believe that there are places in the world where electricity has still not made an introduction. The contrast magnifies with the advancement of technology every single day. Can you travel back a decade and answer me a question? If somebody had told you that you don’t need to open the door. It would open on its own. You might have giggled at the question, but not anymore. The introduction of the device,”door opener“underlines the growth and development of technology. You don’t need to close the garage door anymore, after taking out your car. Chamberlain PD612EV 1/2 HP MyQ Enabled Chain Drive has arrived to reduce that pain.

Key Features of Chamberlain PD612EV 1/2 HP

You must be thinking about the device. What is it all about? What makes it special? Let us run through some of its salient features. Some of them will definitely take you by pleasant surprise.

  1. Looks: The off white square shaped beauty will woo you at the very first sight. The lights provided with the set add to the glamour.
  1. Controlling: The wireless keypad controls the device. Only two remote controls with three buttons each are enough to run this useful device. This can also be connected to your smart phone for monitoring and controlling. Two safety sensors are also provided along with the device.
  1. Performance: The 1/2 Horsepower motor along with the chain drive enables great performance of the device on a continual basis. The powerful motor forms the backbone of this device
  1. Safety: The prime importance for any car owner is the safety. This device gives you the option of using four digit codes that allows easy and secure entry to the garage.

 Benefits of using Chamberlain PD612EV 1/2 HP

The most important fact is how much will the device be of your benefit and I am sure the following will throw light on the benefits.

  • The device boasting of the rail system is very easy to install. There have been instances heard of, where these have been installed by the customers on their own.
  • It can be monitored by more than one source.
  • It can either be your smart phone or the remote controls. The compatibility of the door opener with these devices provides users with a lot of options.
  • Apart from the remote, wall panels can also control the device.
  • The same can also be operated by remote controls of your car.
  • Performance is enhanced due to the presence of ½ Horse Power motor which enable continual steady performance.
  • The unique digit codes take care of the safety factor. The door opener allows easy and secure entry by the dint of the digit codes.
  • The bulb lights up on opening the door which renders added safety.
  • The remote sensors are brilliant. You will be able to open the door from quite some distance.
  • The powerful chain drive ensures smooth functioning of the product.
  • Even if your door is bigger than 7’ you need not worry, the chain drive extension kit will put your quandaries at bay.
  • The working of the device is uncomplicated. It can be used to perfection by kids as well as the elders.
  • Despite being an “easy to handle” product, if you face any problem, the 24×7 customer support service will bail you out of the problem.
  • It is a noise free device and now opening the heaviest of garage doors in the dead of the night without your neighbor raising an eyebrow is possible.
  • Considering its performance, this definitely suits the pocket of the middle income group.


Once you use the particular device, you will be enlightened about its various positive attributes. Below are a few of them.

  • The product is light as well as strong. While the weight helps you to carry if you require, the strength increases the durability.
  • The device is very easy to assemble. Within no time it is assembled.
  • If the tension in the spring is fine, this product works perfectly even for a heavier door.
  • It can replace an old Chamberlain model and it will still work to the best of its efficiency with the wire and the rail.
  • The device can be connected to smart phone. All you need is to add the MyQ feature.
  • After you close the door of the garage, you will receive a message on your phone. So if you have any doubt after you leave the garage, you need not worry.
  • The 200 watt light is not only for beautification, but it also provides extra safety.
  • The product comes with a 10 year motor warranty and 2 year parts warranty. The accessories also have a warranty for 1 year.


No machine has a cent percent efficiency. Similarly, no product can be free of minute blemishes. No bulbs are supplied along with the product. A product with such benefits should have added that in the kit. A fluorescent one would have been a perfect add on.

What Customers Are Saying ?

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Some piece of advice:

The following practices might help users enjoy the services of the device to the fullest:

  • Sporadic oiling and greasing of the chain improves the efficiency by leaps and bounds.
  • For the beautiful white color to be maintained, frequent cleaning up of the body is required.
  • Installation of a fluorescent bulb magnifies the beauty of the product.

It no more needs a mention that this device is full value for its money. Driving on its high performance, this has scaled up the sales volume. What are you waiting for? This is a device which certainly takes care of your safety factor, reduce the regular hassles and satisfies you. I strongly recommend this product for those, who are thinking on the lines of safety and wish a hassle free, quite opening of the garage door.