Chamberlain Whisper Drive WD962KEV Garage Door Opener Review

By Jack | Chamberlain

Jul 08
Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener
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Review Summary:

MyQ Enabled, Motion activated lights, 3/4 HPS* DC belt drive system for the ultimate in quiet performance, Battery Backup System provides up to 20 open/close cycles in the first 24 hours of a power outage

Are you looking for a good garage door opener? Do you have an existing mechanism that you are unhappy about how it works? Interested in finding something more reliable? You only have one choice: the Chamberlain Whisper Drive.

Are you looking for an upgrade? Do you want to improve not just the general function of your home but the security you provide to your family?

If you are looking for a something reliable, sophisticated and extraordinarily functional you only have one choice: Chamberlain—and for something particular, why not go for the Chamberlain Whisper DriveWD962KEV.

This model is definitely set apart from the rest of the Chamberlain line, and this review should tell you more about it.

Benefits to You When Using Chamberlain Whisper Drive

Are you still on the fence about getting the Chamberlain Whisper Drive WD962KEV? If you are, let these fantastic benefits push you to finally make that choice:

  • It comes with an abundant amount of security features that help you to protect the most vulnerable places of your house effectively.
  • It comes with a variety of door opening and closing features that you can select according to your desire.
  • It is available for a lower price as compared to other automatic garage door openers.
  • It allows you to protect your car in extreme weather conditions by automatically opening and closing the garage door, whether you are at home or not, with ease.
  • It is equipped with some universal sensors which prevent the door from automatically closing if you are inside the garage.
  • It can be easily operated with a remote, which is included in the package.

Significant Features of Chamberlain Whisper Drive WD962KEV

Is the Chamberlain Whisper Drive WD962KEV on your list? If you are shopping around for a good garage door opener, it is best to study your options carefully so that you could make a sound decision about which way to go:

Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS)

When you decide to buy an automatic mechanism such as this one, you do so because of the automated features.

When you purchase this machine with MVIS, however, you get superb functioning that operates in the quietest way possible.

It is powerful but discreet, thanks to the unique MVIS mechanism.


Apart from it being fully-automated, the Chamberlain Whisper Drive WD962KEV allows you to set-up the timer so that it closes the gate door after one, five, or ten minutes. If you have a terrible habit of leaving the door open, you will not worry about this problem anymore, because you can set it to close after you.

Quick install rail system

Are you worried that you will have trouble installing the railing system? Understand that it will not be an issue at all, because it only takes 60 seconds to set things up if you know how to do it properly.

Popsi-Lock Theft Protection

Are you often troubled because you are unsure if you have indeed locked your garage door properly? The Popsi-lock mechanism assures you that your garage doors will remain locked at all times when you close them. In no circumstance will it open accidentally, so you are extra safe and secure.

MYQ Technology

It is MYQ enabled, allowing owners to set-up the motion-activated lights. With this installed, you can turn the lights on by simply clicking on your remote control.

Potential Product Issues

As with any product, there are some potential issues to be aware of. These may not be the case if you buy one, and they are not things that would bother every single person.

However, they are things to keep in mind.

Light sensor is low-quality

Many people say that the light sensor on the Chamberlain Whisper Drive is of low-quality.

There are worse ones out there, but you would expect this one to be better with how high-quality the opener is.

Instructions are not great

Many people also say that the instructions are hard to follow.

Of course, this may not be the case for you.

This opener is easy to install, but if you have no experience doing anything like it, then the instructions may be confusing to you. If this is the case, you may want to ask a professional for help.

Cord mechanism

Many garage door openers today run on a chain system, which is durable and reliable.

This is based on a cord mechanism, which is a disadvantage in our opinion.

However, some people prefer a cord mechanism. It’s all about personal preference.

Pros and Cons Chamberlain WD962KEV:


  • It is one of the quietest garage door openers available in the market today.
  • You will surely not require any sort of professional help for the installation of this Chamberlain automatic garage door opener.
  • It requires less maintenance as compared to other types of garage door openers.
  • It has less replacement cost as compared to other garage door openers.
  • It is capable of handling more garage door weight with ease.


The light sensor of this automatic garage door opener could be better. The assembly instructions of this garage door opener are not clearly written in the instruction manual. It comes with a cord which might not be liked by some customers.

What Are Customers Saying?

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How to Use This Product Correctly

It is not hard to get used to the functions and features of the Chamberlain WD962KEV. It will take some getting used to, but if you know how to read and follow instructions, it should not be a problem.

Install it in the right area, make yourself familiar with the different functions, and use it well. You can only enjoy the full functionality of this Chamberlain magnificence if you study up.

Security and Safety

Because of the Popsi-Lock Anti-Sealing System, this Chamberlain Whisper Drive garage door opener is extremely safe and reliable.

The system activates a gear-based lock while the door is closed. This lock cannot be opened by anyone except the owner.

Additionally, this opener features auto force-sensing technology.

This technology senses temperature fluctuations, and then applies calculations to the system, allowing the door to close more precisely.

Finally, the opener features a wireless keypad. This is an excellent safety feature.

The keypad allows the owner to program a four-digit password.

Support and Warranty

The Chamberlain Whisper Drive has an amazing warranty.

According to the package, the opener has a warranty of 10 to 15 years, however, the team at Chamberlain say it has a lifetime warranty.

Chamberlain also has excellent customer support, so if you need any assistance, they should be able to help you with no issues.

Summing It Up

Inside your home, you want to feel safe and secure at all times, especially when you are living with your loved ones. A garage door provides superb outdoor closure and protection for your home.

The Chamberlain Whisper Drive WD962KEV will offer unrivaled protection that is reliable and genuinely dependable, so you won’t need to look for something else.

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