Top Best Electric Gate Opener Reviews

With the ever growing demand to keep you and your belongings safe, automatic gate openers are the best choice. No need of hiring security guards for 24/7 hours, just install electric gate opener.

Depending on your desire or requirements, you can choose any high quality single or double opener unit for your swinging gates. You are not required to do any welding or asking the electrician for gate opener’s installation. You can do it yourself and manufacturers often provide the installation manuals and kits along with their products.

Gate openers are capable of producing high level of force and therefore, you must take all precautionary measures before, during and after the installation. Great deal of care is always requisite when your gate opener is operating. Let me make it easy for you that how you can install gate opener of your choice.

Top 3 Best electric gate opener

It’s not an easy job to select a gate opener fulfilling your needs under your budget. This mainly because of two reasons, either you do not have enough information and understanding about these units or you are overwhelmed with the huge variety available on the market.

Electric gate opener reviews I read on Amazon and recommendations from my friends have helped me a lot in choosing the best fitting opener for my farm’s gate. However, you must determine your needs, significant factors like gate’s type/size/weight along with frequency of use and certainly the charging options available with your preferred gate opener.

I have picked three best models of the gate openers for you.

1. ALEKO AC1400 Electric Sliding Gate

2. US Automatic Sentry 300 S Commercial Grade

3. US Automatic Sentry 300D Commercial Grade

Designed for sliding gates, AC1400 Electric Gate Opener is made up of the aluminum alloy chassis. This chain-drive gate opener supports 50ft long sliding gates that may weigh up to 1400 pounds. This is all because of the heavy-duty motor and the 20ft long chain.

It comes with the 120V AC 1.5 HP equivalent motor and hence, it is an AC-powered addition to the ALEKO family of electric gate opening products. It is fully capable of stopping and reversing in case it encounters any obstruction. For me, it is an ideal gate opener that offers exceptional starting torque and incessant operation.

It is light in weight to be carried and installed by one person alone. Moreover, its body is corrosion resistant making it the long-lasting product. With the plenty of extra chain, high base and two sensors, it also supports up to hundred remotes.

​With two years of warranty, it’s a great deal for the money. If you want a good hardware in low budget, this electric sliding gate opener is definitely for you.

This automatic gate opener weighing 32.9 lbsis essentially designed for operating 20 feet long swing gates. The best thing about this gate opener is that it comes with no complicated wiring and hence, making it easy to install and use. You can quickly install it in just less than one hour.

I simply love this gate opener because it provides weeks of operation without sun because it’s truly a solar charged gate opener. The Sentry 300 series introduced by US Automatic is the first high quality ‘Do it Yourself’ gate opener. It includes12 vdc battery that is charged from inbuilt AC transformer.

Optional solar panel kit helps in remote installations and the linear actuator gives 400 pounds of thrust along with the compression rating of 1000 pounds. Its chain can link up to 14ft in length and you can use it for ornamental iron gates with length if about 12ft.16 seconds of opening and closing time does not vary with the gate weight, making this gate opener an excellent choice for my farm’s single swing gate.

This commercial grade automatic gate opener is intended for use on swinging gates. With all the mounting hardware, this gate opener come with50ft cable and a perfect choice for dual gates up to 20ft in length.Sentry 300D is designed to be used with Sentry 300S and hence, your first gate should have Sentry 300S installed in.

You can easily install this unit on your12ft long ornamental iron gates. You can also use it with your wood panel gates without any fear.

It is more like the secondary arm for your dual gate and weighs only 25.8 pounds. Water tight junction box, controlling kit and wire nuts for connections are included in the complete package. This gate automatic gate opener is one of the best options for the price tag it holds.

How to install Electric Gate Opener

First and the foremost thing is to get a gate opener as the best fit for your gate depending on its size, type and weight. How often you use the gate is another imperative factor you must take into account prior to purchase electric gate opener. Remember, a gate opener cannot take up a poorly designed gate for long.

Now, before you begin installing, carefully watch the installation videos often comes in package from the manufacturer or read the manual in its entirety. This is to avoid potential hazards that may result from the poor installation of gate opening automatic systems. Let’s start the installation:

  1. Ascertain the Electric Gate Opener’s Position:
    First of all you have to determine the position where to install the gate opener. Normally, it’s installed inside property or the fence line and not outside of the gate. This is because public cannot have access to your gate opener.
    The best option is to position your gate opener near the center line of your gate. This helps in minimizing the twist and flex of your gate as the opener gets activated. It also aids in avoiding the back splash during rains.
  2. Install the Control Box:
    Use self-tapping screws for mounting the control box on the fence panel adjacent to the primary side of your driveway gate. You can attach it to the pillar or on any other mounting surface as you like but it should be about 3 feet above the ground (for protection from rain splashes or snow). Also, it should be kept least 3 feet from the AC power source in order to prevent any possibility of electrical interference. (Keep in mind that not every gate opener comes with the control box)
  3. Mount on the Post Brackets Assembly:
    Assemble the post bracket and place it inside or outside of the gate but just below the mid horizontal frame line. Tighten up the bolts and attach the assembly to the rear mount of gate opener. Now with gate in open position (opener arm fully retracted), attach the gate bracket to the front mount of the gate opener. Then adjust this gate bracket and post bracket assembly to the point opener gets leveled.
    Hold the opener level and keep the post bracket assembly together with the gate bracket in their respective positions for short time using C-clamps.
  4. Attach the Gate Opener Arm:
    After that, you need to attach opener arm to gate bracket and post bracket assembly. Make sure opener arm is at level and if not, then adjust the post bracket assembly to keep the arm leveled.
  5. Connect Battery Wires to the Control Box:
    Remove the control board cover and run the battery wires through its strain relief slot. Leave behind enough of the wire so that it can easily reach the plugs from the control box and then attach the wires to their appropriate terminals.
  6. Connect Electric Gate Opener Power Cable
    Subsequently, insert the gate opener’s power cable through control box’s strain relief slot and then attach it to the appropriate terminal block.
  7. Fix the Transformer:
    Now, you have to fix the transformer (comes with the gate opener) to the control box for maintaining the battery charging. Measure the distance in between control box and electrical outlet, and cut the wire in suitable length. Now bury the low voltage wire (from AC outlet to control box) in already excavated trench along the gate and leave enough wire above surface to run through PVC conduit.
    Attach this wire (pulled through PVC conduit)to the power points located on the control box. Connect low voltage wire to the transformer’s terminals at electrical outlet and plug the transformer into the outlet.
  8. Connect the Battery
    Now you have two options to connect the battery. Either you can wire up the battery that comes along with the gate opener, or you can opt for placing a 12 Volt automotive/marine type battery within at least six feet of where the control board is attached.

When this all is done, set the closed position limit through the entry transmitter often available with the gate opener. Now, adjust the stall force setting to control the obstruction sensitivity and set auto-close timing. In the last, adjust transmitter code or settings and install warning signs. Yourelectric gate opener is installed and ready to work with transmitters.


Make an educated decision and get the best suitable gate opener that fits both your gate’s dimensions and features, and also your budget. Install it yourself and live your life in a pleasant and hassle-free way. Ensure that your gate is as good in working as your selected gate opener.

Gate opening systems release high amount of force to open and move the gates. Improperly installed or poorly maintained electric gate opener scan be dangerous. Repair or replace the damaged or worn part of your gate so that it moves without any hindrance or dragging throughout its arc.

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