Electric Gate Opener Reviews to Check Out!

With the ever growing demand to keep you and your belongings safe, automatic gate openers are the best choice. No need of hiring security guards for 24/7 hours, just install electric gate opener.

Depending on your desire or requirements, you can choose any high quality single or double opener unit for your swinging gates. You are not required to do any welding or asking the electrician for gate opener’s installation. You can do it yourself and manufacturers often provide the installation manuals and kits along with their products.

Gate openers are capable of producing high level of force and therefore, you must take all precautionary measures before, during and after the installation. Great deal of care is always requisite when your gate opener is operating. Let me make it easy for you that how you can install gate opener of your choice.

Top 3 ​Electric Gate Opener Reviews

It’s not an easy job to select a gate opener fulfilling your needs under your budget. This mainly because of two reasons, either you do not have enough information and understanding about these units or you are overwhelmed with the huge variety available on the market.

Electric gate opener reviews I read on Amazon and recommendations from my friends have helped me a lot in choosing the best fitting opener for my farm’s gate. However, you must determine your needs, significant factors like gate’s type/size/weight along with frequency of use and certainly the charging options available with your preferred gate opener.

I have picked three best models of the gate openers for you.

1. ALEKO AC1400 Electric Sliding Gate

2. US Automatic Sentry 300 S Commercial Grade

3. US Automatic Sentry 300D Commercial Grade

Designed for sliding gates, AC1400 Electric Gate Opener is made up of the aluminum alloy chassis. This chain-drive gate opener supports 50ft long sliding gates that may weigh up to 1400 pounds. This is all because of the heavy-duty motor and the 20ft long chain.

It comes with the 120V AC 1.5 HP equivalent motor and hence, it is an AC-powered addition to the ALEKO family of electric gate opener products. It is fully capable of stopping and reversing in case it encounters any obstruction. For me, it is an ideal gate opener that offers exceptional starting torque and incessant operation.

It is light in weight to be carried and installed by one person alone. Moreover, its body is corrosion resistant making it the long-lasting product. With the plenty of extra chain, high base and two sensors, it also supports up to hundred remotes.

​With two years of warranty, it’s a great deal for the money. If you want a good hardware in low budget, this electric sliding gate opener is definitely for you.

This automatic gate opener weighing 32.9 lbsis essentially designed for operating 20 feet long swing gates. The best thing about this gate opener is that it comes with no complicated wiring and hence, making it easy to install and use. You can quickly install it in just less than one hour.

I simply love this gate opener because it provides weeks of operation without sun because it’s truly a solar charged gate opener. The Sentry 300 series introduced by US Automatic is the first high quality ‘Do it Yourself’ gate opener. It includes12 vdc battery that is charged from inbuilt AC transformer.

Optional solar panel kit helps in remote installations and the linear actuator gives 400 pounds of thrust along with the compression rating of 1000 pounds. Its chain can link up to 14ft in length and you can use it for ornamental iron gates with length if about 12ft.16 seconds of opening and closing time does not vary with the gate weight, making this gate opener an excellent choice for my farm’s single swing gate.

This commercial grade automatic gate opener is intended for use on swinging gates. With all the mounting hardware, this gate opener come with50ft cable and a perfect choice for dual gates up to 20ft in length.Sentry 300D is designed to be used with Sentry 300S and hence, your first gate should have Sentry 300S installed in.

You can easily install this unit on your12ft long ornamental iron gates. You can also use it with your wood panel gates without any fear.

It is more like the secondary arm for your dual gate and weighs only 25.8 pounds. Water tight junction box, controlling kit and wire nuts for connections are included in the complete package. This gate ​electric gate opener is one of the best options for the price tag it holds.

How to install an Electric Gate Opener

First and the foremost thing is to get a gate opener as the best fit for your gate depending on its size, type and weight. How often you use the gate is another imperative factor you must take into account prior to purchase electric gate opener. Remember, a gate opener cannot take up a poorly designed gate for long.

Now, before you begin installing, carefully watch the installation videos often comes in package from the manufacturer or read the manual in its entirety. This is to avoid potential hazards that may result from the poor installation of gate opening automatic systems. Let’s start the installation:

electric gate opener
  1. Ascertain the Electric Gate Opener Position:
    First of all you have to determine the position where to install the gate opener. Normally, it’s installed inside property or the fence line and not outside of the gate. This is because public cannot have access to your gate opener.
    The best option is to position your gate opener near the center line of your gate. This helps in minimizing the twist and flex of your gate as the opener gets activated. It also aids in avoiding the back splash during rains.
  2. Install the Control Box:
    Use self-tapping screws for mounting the control box on the fence panel adjacent to the primary side of your driveway gate. You can attach it to the pillar or on any other mounting surface as you like but it should be about 3 feet above the ground (for protection from rain splashes or snow). Also, it should be kept least 3 feet from the AC power source in order to prevent any possibility of electrical interference. (Keep in mind that not every gate opener comes with the control box)
  3. Mount on the Post Brackets Assembly:
    Assemble the post bracket and place it inside or outside of the gate but just below the mid horizontal frame line. Tighten up the bolts and attach the assembly to the rear mount of gate opener. Now with gate in open position (opener arm fully retracted), attach the gate bracket to the front mount of the gate opener. Then adjust this gate bracket and post bracket assembly to the point opener gets leveled.
    Hold the opener level and keep the post bracket assembly together with the gate bracket in their respective positions for short time using C-clamps.
  4. Attach the Electric Gate Opener Arm:
    After that, you need to attach opener arm to gate bracket and post bracket assembly. Make sure opener arm is at level and if not, then adjust the post bracket assembly to keep the arm leveled.
  5. Connect Battery Wires to the Control Box:
    Remove the control board cover and run the battery wires through its strain relief slot. Leave behind enough of the wire so that it can easily reach the plugs from the control box and then attach the wires to their appropriate terminals.
  6. Connect Electric Gate Opener Power Cable
    Subsequently, insert the gate opener’s power cable through control box’s strain relief slot and then attach it to the appropriate terminal block.
  7. Fix the Transformer:
    Now, you have to fix the transformer (comes with the gate opener) to the control box for maintaining the battery charging. Measure the distance in between control box and electrical outlet, and cut the wire in suitable length. Now bury the low voltage wire (from AC outlet to control box) in already excavated trench along the gate and leave enough wire above surface to run through PVC conduit.
    Attach this wire (pulled through PVC conduit)to the power points located on the control box. Connect low voltage wire to the transformer’s terminals at electrical outlet and plug the transformer into the outlet.
  8. Connect the Battery
    Now you have two options to connect the battery. Either you can wire up the battery that comes along with the gate opener, or you can opt for placing a 12 Volt automotive/marine type battery within at least six feet of where the control board is attached.

When this all is done, set the closed position limit through the entry transmitter often available with the gate opener. Now, adjust the stall force setting to control the obstruction sensitivity and set auto-close timing. In the last, adjust transmitter code or settings and install warning signs. Your electric gate opener is installed and ready to work with transmitters.

​Additional Ways to Secure a Home Than an Electric Gate Opener

Feeling safe in your own home is vital. In this day and age, crime happens everywhere at any time of the day. But thankfully, there are so many ways to protect yourself and your family from harm. Some are basic and easy, others are more advanced, and others still are small pointers that anyone can easily do. In this upcoming list, I will walk you through all of those scenarios. There are so many ways you can protect yourself and your family, ways that you may not even be aware of. 

Deadbolt Locks and More

Start with the most easily accessible things in the house: the doors. You can go with the classic way of doing things and lock it with a deadbolt, which is a normal way of locking up a home. Do you know how many people coming to steal from your home come right through the front door? Simply making it a point to lock all doors and to make sure every door is secured properly, preferably with a deadbolt lock, is best. Do frequent inspections of all the doors, especially the ones that are not used all the time, and add in extra safety precautions like strike plates, smart locks, and video doorbells. 

One of the biggest things that need to be checked inside the house is sliding glass doors. Many break-ins happen through this avenue. Putting up a bar, getting a door sensor, or getting a sensor if the glass is broken, will really help you to feel safe and secure, knowing you are protected from the most common burglar issues. 

Light, Light, Light

Light it up. Criminals are not interested in being in the light. They do their best work in darkness. This is why I am always confused when neighborhood’s have terrible lighting. The criminals are much more prone to come when they can hide themselves in the darkness. Bad things rarely happen in the spotlight. This is why it’s a good idea to light up the outside of your home. You deck areas, in both the front and the backyard, on sidewalks and paths and wherever you can put them outside. Some of the ways you can do this are through adding in light that is motion activated, ones that will save help the planet because they are solar-powered, and ones that come on with a timer. That way, you can rest in your home peacefully knowing that if the lights go on it is time to be alert. 

Get a Security System Setup

I remember the day my husband asked me if a security system would make me feel safer. I had to think really long and hard about the reasons why it would and would not. There are so many security systems out there and they do not have a cost a fortune, but they really do give peace of mind. You can do it yourself and make your own or you can get a professional system.

There are both cost-friendly and top-of-the-line ones to choose from these days. No matter the area you live in, they really can’t change the whole make up of how you view your home. There are tons of customer service systems who are very knowledgeable and helpful. There are also smart home capabilities that you can set up which will make your life a whole lot easier.

There are ones with both upfront and monthly costs, depending on what you decide and the cost of your project. There are things like smoke detection and monoxide monitoring or you can get as well. Do your research, and look into setting up your security system. You will not regret it. In this day and age, there are so many ways to protect your home and you should be taking full advantage of them all.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network 

Locking down your Wi-FI I can really help with your security. I remember every time I would see a silly name or some made-up word or a phrase from a show or movie or video game, I would laugh because I would think people are so paranoid that they need to secure their Wi-Fi in such extreme ways. It was not until my neighbors started using my Wi-Fi and slowed it down significantly that I began to understand why people do this. It caused a lot of issues because I had to call my WI-FI provider company to come out and it took a lot of time away from my work. As someone who works at home, Wi-Fi is my most important resource and my time is my most valuable.

If you are wanting to keep hackers away, this is also a vital step. Not only can I hackers break into your social media accounts, but hackers can get into your very important and secret information. I have heard horror stories of hackers breaking into not your social media accounts but company files and other very important things of that nature. It's sad that it came to that because there are so many ways that you can lock your network down.

You can secure your wireless router easily by simply creating a word that no one would ever guess that’s personal to you. You can also enable a WPA encryption which is something that any one of the professional tech experts can help you with (look into Best Buy's Geek Squad). Another idea is to rename your network which is what I had to do.

Your Wi-Fi will come with a username already setup and preprogrammed. I used to be the type to just keep the name it came with, but I learned quickly that this is not the smart option. Another thing you can do is use firewall protection or antivirus or malware protection. Lastly, you can create passwords that have nothing to do with a birth date, name or anything that can be easily be uncovered.

If you have young children getting online for things like talking with friends or doing homework, the way to keep them safe is to get an app that controls what they do and what they can and cannot see, or a software package that will help you to monitor their screen time. The world is becoming a very scary place for children online and predators are all over the place. Securing what they see and who has access to communicating with them is a way to secure their safety. Don’t take this lightly, there is too much at stake and too many solutions available out there.

Security Cameras

In a hilarious yet disgusting turn of events, a video went viral a few months ago of a man who licked a security camera. This nastiness went on for hours and hours on end. I cannot remember the exact reasoning, he might have just been crazy, but the home security camera caught it on tape. That crazy story aside, security cameras really can change the way you secure your home. You’ve probably seen so many articles written about burgers and other criminals who have been caught simply because of what the footage on the home security camera showed. Many people would say that the way the world works now is everything gets caught on camera somehow.

Many believe everything we do is monitored in the US. Whether it be outside of stores, parking lots, or cameras in houses. When you get a  home security system package, these cameras are usually part of them because the big companies know they are so effective for safety and security. It does not matter which option you go with because there are many, many on the market.

​But in my experience, it is always good to get one with an app that allows you to see what is going on in real-time. The app helps to protect your home because live footage can be pulled up with the click of a finger. There are also so many ways to get quick help with these apps, especially because the recording can send straight to the police.

Be sure to get these features in whichever security camera you choose: motion detection, night vision, weatherproof casing, and WI-FI connection. The motion detection is for seeing that an unauthorized person is there and getting a notification to go into the app and watch the live video because you were notified that there was motion. Night vision is so that even if it is pitch black, you’ll be able to see the perpetrator and exactly what they are doing to your home. WI-FI capability so that you can send a video to the police from your app.

And weather casing allows the camera to continue working even in the worst of conditions: hurricane, tornado, rain, hail, snow, whatever else. Most of these cameras come with a warranty that will replace them or you can insurance for a just in case of a potential scenario. Security cameras are some of the best protection your home and the people in it can have! 

Get a Safe

When people go on cruises, hotels, or on other types of vacation, they usually put their jewelry and any important documents such as passports securely inside a safe. This is typical behavior. But what about when you leave your home to go to work, play, exercise or shop? Your valuables usually lay around. We need to think of safety as a one rule fits all type of system. When you leave the home, there is potential not for the cleaning lady to steal your valuables, but rather someone who has broken in. So what is the solution? The same as it is when you are away from home!

Purchase a safe and lock it with a secure pin. Having a safe is for so much more than securing your valuable items. It is also for keeping those safe who may get into your dangerous ones! I remember so vividly growing up that my parents always kept their guns securely in a safe. They also locked away the kitchen knives (my dad worked in the county jail and heard horror stories of what criminals did with kitchen knives). My siblings and I always called them paranoid, but now we call them smart and safe. Neither kids nor criminals need access to your firearms!

So what features should a safe have? Start off with one that has two locks/ It's the same as with a phone or an email address. You'll need another way to get in in case you forget the pin! another important factor when shopping for a safe is making sure it is big enough to store all the items you need to be locked away. Collect them all and then shop in person to see if they fit. Lastly, you will need to figure out if it is the best to choose portable or have it set in its place. Will you be taking it with you, or bolting it down?

Don't Forget the Garage

My father and husband are both sticklers when it comes to outsiders being able to see into the house. They are concerned about having the TV, expensive appliances, and expensive decorations sitting in plain sight is sending an invitation to criminals to break in and steal our stuff. Because I grew up with those closest to me having this thought process and live with it as an adult, I am more inclined to close the blinds before it gets dark (this girl loves her natural sunlight during the day!). Another place where this can happen but goes unnoticed is the garage. What kinds of expensive things do you have in your garage that an intruder would love to take? since people likely don't like in your garage, you may not have precautions set up, but remember: the garage is a criminal wonderland for this exact reason.

So what are some things you can do to secure this space and keep your catch-all junk room safe? You can get a smart garage door opener that allows your device to be the only way in. You can, as my loved ones would say, cover up those windows in the garage! Or you can add in extra protection with something as simple as zip tie as a lock. Don't get outsmarted by burglars, secure your garage! Especially if you believe your car is safe in there, you need this extra security.

​Final Thoughts on Your Perfect ​Electric Gate Opener

Make an educated decision and get the best suitable gate opener that fits both your gate’s dimensions and features, and also your budget. Install it yourself and live your life in a pleasant and hassle-free way. Ensure that your gate is as good in working as your selected gate opener.

Gate opening systems release high amount of force to open and move the gates. Improperly installed or poorly maintained electric gate opener scan be dangerous. Repair or replace the damaged or worn part of your gate so that it moves without any hindrance or dragging throughout its arc.

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