Facts on Mighty Mule Gate Opener For Medium Duty Single Gate

By Jack | Gate Opener

Jul 12
Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Medium Duty Single Swing Gates for 16 Feet Long or 550 Pounds (FM350)
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Review Summary:

The FM350 is Mighty Mule's most popular gate opener! Mighty Mule's most versatile single swing gate opener for gates up to 16 ft. long or 550 lbs. Perfect for all gate types including ornamental, chain link, tube, panel, vinyl and wood. Easy DIY (Do It Yourself) installation that includes an interactive DVD for added assistance.


Yes, you have got it right. The hassles of opening the gate is going to be reduced by the installation of Mighty Mule gate opener for medium duty single gate opener. You are not going to drench yourself in the midst of rain anymore trying to swing the gate open. Neither, you need to clench your teeth in the biting cold and still try to open the gate. All responsibilities of opening and closing the gate can be entrusted upon this gate opener.

Features of the gate opener

The salient features of this medium duty gate opener will definitely take you by a pleasant surprise. This performer has some striking features.

  1. Performance: This gate opener works with optimum efficiency on any type of gates whether it is a chain link or a tube or even a wood. It is convenient with gates weighing 550 pounds and height of up to 16 feet, which covers up the lion share of gates generally available in a home.
  1. Installation: This device can truly be set up within hours without the aid of any electrician or even a welding machine. The manual as well as the DVD ensures that anybody and everybody in your home can set up this device.
  1. Security: This particular device not only renders security to your home by taking the responsibility of opening and closing the main gate when required, but it also provides safety to your vehicle. The remote enables to open or close the door from a convenient distance. The auto close feature helps in closing the door, on its own after a certain time.
  1. Back up: The batteries can be constantly charged by plugging it to any AC source. The backup provided by the batteries helps to operate the machine even during a power fall out.
  1. Energy efficient: The energy consumption is one of the prime concerns for the middle class group. This device is energy efficient to the core and satisfies its users for the same.
  1. Simple construction: The “user friendly” device provides a much uncomplicated structure for its users. Only a couple of cables and wires and the design is complete.


Benefits of using the Mighty Mule gate opener for medium duty single gate opener

The device provides a quiver of benefits for the users which make it a unique product.

  • The prime concern that captures the mind of the users at the onset is the hassles of installation. This device is absolutely free of such hassles. It can be installed by the layman with the aid of the DVD that demonstrates the installation in details.
  • The fact that this is convenient with almost all types of gates, the pipe, the wood or even the ornamental ones make this so much acceptable.
  • It can support gates of 550 pounds and 16 feet, which accounts for a large number of gates.
  • The battery cable is also very easy to set up and has a built in fuse which prevents from any fluctuations in the voltage.
  • The charging of the battery is no more a concern. The charging is done by the inbuilt AC transformer.
  • The provision of charging the battery by the dint of solar power is also there. The solar panel charger kit is one of the many illustrious add-on of this wonderful device.
  • With the aid of the battery backup, this device can function amidst power failure as well.
  • Safety is ensured by the device as the remote sensors enable to open the gate from a suitable distance. This protects your vehicle from any unwanted damage from the edges.
  • The low voltage system underlines the fact that this is a very energy efficient device.
  • The system is pretty much capable of working on its own and doesn’t require any separate control box.
  • The presence of gate activation alert further strengthens the safety quotient.
  • To err is human. Suppose you have missed out on closing the gate. You don’t need to worry about it. The Auto close feature of the device closes the gate after a maximum of 120 seconds.
  • The aluminum mounting brackets are durable products, which further increase the satisfactory level.
  • The obstruction sensing system detects any obstruction in the opening or closing of the gate and avoids any damage.
  • The add-on like the solar panel kit or the Mighty mule wireless makes this a versatile product.
  • Considering all the benefits it offers to the users, the price of this device makes a very pleasant reading.

The wonderful Pros and some minute cons of the product

This type of a versatile device obviously has a lot of pros and it doesn’t disappoint you.


  • The versatility of this device is highlighted by the fact that it is convenient with any types of door.
  • Easy installation makes this a very popular device amongst the various age groups.
  • The gate opener can be configured in a way, such that the gate opens either outside or inside.
  • Implementation of some special steps like the installation of the opener inside the gate, use of the padlocks, ensures complete security of the device.
  • The 24x7 customer support vide the helpline and the online assistance really sets this apart from the other devices.
  • Even if there is a snag at the dead of the night, it can be fixed up in no time.
  • The function of this device is almost devoid of any unwanted noise.
  • The warranty of 12 months from the date of invoice is also a great aid to the users.


The fact that some of the add-ons like the solar panel and the wireless could have been a part of the joining kit is the only miniscule glitch about this otherwise wonderful device.

The fact that some of the add-ons like the solar panel and the wireless could have been a part of the joining kit is the only miniscule glitch about this otherwise wonderful device.

What Customers Are Saying ?

Some useful practices

  • The gate opener can be fixed towards the home keeping the security factor in mind.
  • Oiling and greasing can be done in the arms for reduction in the friction.

All said and done, the Mighty Mule gate opener for medium duty single gate opener is a wonderful device that reduces the hassles of door opening. My piece of advice would be not to wait. Go ahead and grasp the device.