Choosing the Most Reliable Manufacturers

By Jack | Tips And Tricks

Sep 25

Garage Door Opener Brands: Choosing the Most Reliable Manufacturers

Getting a garage door opener isn’t a quick and easy decision that can be made overnight, it’s one that takes time and research in order to know that you have chosen the right one for you. By just going out and buying any old garage door opener is a bad idea as you could spend a fortune for the door to experience problems and ultimately break on you.

In this article we wanted to guide you through some of the best garage door opener brands so when you come to pick one for your garage you can have the peace of mind that you have chosen one that is reliable, long-lasting and does the job you need it to do without any hassle.

With any garage door though, remember that they do need maintenance and cleaning throughout the season. Keeping your door opener in good shape just helps it last that little bit longer. Without further ado here are the bet garage door opener brands on the market at the moment.

Chamberlain Premium

Garage Door Opener Brands: Chamberlain Premium

If you hear the words garage door opener then the first name that comes to mind if Chamberlain as they seem to dominate the industry with outstanding reviews. The Premium model of garage door opener in particular comes out on top with its advanced backup power source which you don’t find in many other models on the market.

Aside from lock mode, manual release, infrared beam and motion detector lights the Chamberlain Premium unit also comes with a control panel and keyless entry pad.

The second model that springs to mind when talking about Chamberlain is the Ultra Quiet garage door opener which has 1/2 horsepower and a belt lifting system. The only drawback with this model is that its maximum lifting capacity is 300lbs where other models in the industry offer 550lbs.

Liftmaster 8550

Garage Door Opener Brands: Liftmaster 8550

In at second we have the Liftmaster brand which is another popular garage door opener that is recommended by many people across the country. The Liftmaster 8550 in particular offers the same design features and spec as the Chamberlain Premium, including a backup power source, and a timer-to-close function that allows you to set a certain time period before the garage door closes automatically behind you.

All the major security features are present on this model, including rolling code, automatic reverse (in case any obstruction should get in the way of the door as it begins to close), and a manual release feature.

The only major drawback with the Liftmaster 8550 is that it doesn’t contain a keyless entry pad like the two Chamberlain models that we mentioned in the first section of this article.

Craftsman ¾ HP Chain Drive

Garage Door Opener Brands: Craftsman ¾ HP Chain Drive

In at third are Craftsman and their chain drive operating garage door opener which is slightly cheaper than the belt operated ones but does lack home automation compatibility through MyQ and Homelink. It does however pack ¾ Horsepower and has a 550lbs lifting capacity which makes this one of the best chain driven garage door openers on the market at the moment.

There won’t be any backup power source to this model, or a timer-to-close feature because of the nature of the product but you can expect a keyless entry pad, a 3 button remote control and a control panel.

You will also benefit from all the great safety and security features that we have mentioned in the other brands, such as automatic reverse, rolling code and lock modes.

Genie QuietLift 800

Garage Door Opener Brands: Genie QuietLift 800

Genie have developed a number of different garage door openers and the belt and chain versions are definitely up there with the rest of them. The QuietLift 800 is the belt version of their garage door openers and this model boasts HomeLink and Car2U compatibility, with a maximum lift capacity of 350lbs and ½ horsepower. The ChainLift 800 version also sports the same features in its design-build.

The only missing safety and security features on both models of Genie that you do find on most other products is the motion detector lights so if this is an important part of a garage door opener for you then they aren’t part of the package.

2 remote controls are includes, both version have 3 buttons but only the QuietLift 800 boasts that keyless entry pad system. The only other knock backs with these two Genie garage door opener systems is that the motor warranty lasts for 10 years (the Chamberlain products are offered as Lifetime), the Belt/Chain warranty lasts for 1 year (again Chamberlain provide Lifetime), and finally the parts warranty is offered at 1 year (Chamberlain provide a 5 years warranty period).

Other than that the Genie range is a reliable outfit of garage door openers.