How to Choose and Programme One

By Jack | Tips And Tricks

Sep 22

Garage Door Opener Remote: How to Choose and Programme One

If you have had the unfortunate event of losing a garage door opener remote, or perhaps your main was has broken and cannot be fixed then no doubt you will be quickly hunting the Internet to try and find a replacement remote. The chances are you will probably be looking to buy two remotes as we all know the importance of having an extra remote can come in handy at times like this that may reoccur in the future.

The problem now is which opener remote should you go for when you buy your replacement? Then how do you programme the remote in so that it works on your garage door without a problem? Luckily we are on hand today to show you exactly what to do and what remote you should ideally be purchasing for garage door opener. So, if you haven’t got a drink in front of you then go and grab a coffee as we set all the facts straight and guide you in the right direction when you come to buy a new garage door opener remote.

Which Remote is Right For Me?

Garage Door Opener Remote: Which Remote is Right For Me?

If you have already had a scout around you have probably come across many different manufacturers and a variety of different designs and features. It can all become a bit overwhelming and leave your head spinning.

The very first step you are going to need to take is to head over to the motor unit on the garage door opener which will tell you the manufacturer of your garage door along with a model number. With this information on hand you should be able to buy a direct replacement for that one that you lost or broke. You can do this at a local hardware store or online, and this should be the route you take if your garage door happens to be an older model.

If you have a newer model then you can look into universal garage door remotes which are available locally and online, and the beauty of these is that you can program them to work with the majority of newer garage doors so you don’t have to go hunting for a direct replacement. Even though they work with the majority of garage doors its still good to check the information to see if your garage door is one that will work with it.

Garage Door Opener Remote: Which Remote is Right For Me?

The universal remote can be programmed to open and close a number of garage doors and it can even control the lights in your garage by turning them on and off, and even so far as to control the light switches in your home.

If you are the techie minded, gadget freak then this is going to tempt you without a shadow of a doubt!

A Remote with the Correct Buttons

Garage Door Opener Remote: A Remote with the Correct Buttons

If you decide to buy a universal remote control then the chances are that you want to control more than one garage door. Whether you are looking to control two garage doors and your home lighting set-up, or just a garage door and your lights, you need to pick a remote with the right buttons.

Therefore if you want to control three different items you are going to need a remote that contains three programmable buttons. Just take into account that remotes only have a maximum of 4 buttons on and the more buttons means the more money you are going to have to shell out for a replacement remote for your garage door.

How to Program the Remote

Garage Door Opener Remote: How to Program the Remote

By now you should know the manufacturer and model number to your garage door, the type of remote that is going to best suit your needs and the amount of buttons you are going to require on the remote control.

The final step in the process is to look at how you get the remote control to work with your garage door and to do this we need to correctly program the remote so that it communicates with the garage door effectively.

Generally it’s a simple case of pressing hold and release in a certain pattern that have been given to you in the instructions manual of the remote, by doing this you are locating the right frequencies so that the two can easily communicate with each other. It’s as easy as that for standard remote replacements and you can have the remote working in minutes.

For universal remotes you need to select the brand of the garage door first, and then you will be given some instructions on how to connect the remote to the garage door using the right radio frequencies. The programming instructions will be available in the manual that comes with the universal remote.