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Genie 1022-2TX 1/2-Horsepower AC ChainLift Garage Door Opener Review - Garage Door Opener System.net

Genie 1022-2TX 1/2-Horsepower AC ChainLift Garage Door Opener Review

By Jack | Genie

Jul 25
Genie 1022 1/2-Horsepower AC ChainLift Garage Door Opener
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Review Summary:

Genie 1/2-horsepower AC ChainLift garage door opener with heavy-duty 600 Newton motor. Patented enclosed in-line chain design for smooth operation. Low maintenance-factory-installed chain--no lubrication required.

This product is no longer available. Please see the updated model for this review, the Genie 2028-2TK.

Genie 1022-2TX Chain Lift Garage Door Opener offers homeowners with great convenience and extra security to live peacefully. Genie 1022-2TX garage opener is suitable for doors, shorter than 7 feet.

It comprises of rail assembly along with two, three button remote controls. Dealing with garage door was never easy before this great system was introduced. You can enjoy the convenience as never before. It is easy to install and use the product that can stand for number of years because of its high quality.

Genie 1022-2TX Chain Lift Garage Door Opener is designed in such a way that it is easy to understand and operate. The security system used in this garage opener is integrated with modern technology. If you wish to change the pin of this security system, in order to get extra secured.

It also comprises of beam self-diagnostic system that operates on infrared technology to find when to start automatic reverse. This feature helps you to stay away from serious accidents and injuries while operating the garage door. It is though one of the top class garage door openers that is durable, low cost, easy to use and convenient.

Benefits of you when using this product

  • Lift Heavy Doors: The Genie Chain Lift 1022-2TX uses heavy 600 Newton motor. It can lift garage door of heavy weight. One of the main benefit that customers buy this garage door opener is for heavy weight door opening without jamming or being stuck.
  • Less Maintenance: The Genie Chain lift requires less maintenance as there is no need to lubricate the chain.
  • Warranty: It comes with 5 years motor warranty and 2 years parts warranty. Warranty can help you save lot of money, if anything goes wrong with the motor or part of garage door opener.
  • Easy to Install: The genie chain lift comes with lesser parts and user manual, which makes it easy for anyone to install the system. If you are not experienced, don’t worry, you don’t need any technical person to hire. The manual that comes along is written in simple language along with illustration.
  • Changing Security Pin: This garage door opener is comprised of high end technology that truly fulfills the requirement of modern man. You can easily change the security pin of the garage door in order to make yourself secure.

Great Features of the Genie 1022-2TX 1/2-HP

Genie 1022-2TX Chain Lift Garage Door Opener is one of the best garage door openers along with smart and handy features that can be part of your garage. There are number of features of this garage door opener that makes it superior and stand out from all others. Here is an overview of features of this product.

  • In Line Chain Design: For smooth and steady operation, this garage door opener comes with in line chain design that makes it easy for the door to open or close. Although it is little, bit slow but will not disappoint you.
  • Easy Installation: It comes with user manual and fewer parts to assemble, making it easier to install by anyone without calling an expert. The installation is hassle free and quick and that is why most of people love to have it.
  • Low Maintenance: There is no need to worry about the maintenance of this garage door opener, as the chain does not require any lubrication. You can get the best value of money by using this garage door opener without wasting money on maintenance and handling.
  • Durable and Sturdy: The drive system is sturdy and long lasting that comes with dual pinion unit. It is equipped with some of the best features and power packed solution that give you comfort without compromising on security and quality.

Pros and Cons of Genie 1022-2TX 1/2-HP


  • This garage door opener comes with start and stop system which makes it easier for homeowners to operate quickly and easily.
  • The wiring comes with quick connect system that makes it easier for you to install, even if you are not aware of wiring and electrical system.
  • The garage door opener is comprised of IntelliCode making it safe and secure to prevent unauthorized access. You can change the pin anytime.
  • There is 5 years warranty for motor and 2 years of warranty for other parts. This can save your cost of repair, if anything goes defected.
  • The door opener is armed with a well featured railing assembly. This assembly is high enough to operate along doors of 7ft.
  • There are less chances of wear and tear because of its quality material and less maintenance requirements.


The garage door is feasible and quick, yet the installation can take much of your time, if you are unable to understand language or illustration. It might take some time to open and close which could be bit frustrating, if you are in a hurry. The genie garage door opener lags in few of its features but most of all it is worth to have in order to give value to your money.

What Customers Are Saying about this model?

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How to Use This Product Correctly

Genie Garage Door opener is one of the best products that stands alone in all of the other products in its line. In order to enjoy benefits of this great door opener, make sure to read the instructions given on manual properly. All the parts must be fixed correctly according to the instructions.

Even though it is reliable and durable, but make sure to check it frequently so that if there is any problem you can fix it in timely manner. In case you are not able to understand the problem, you can contact the customer service center.


Genie 1022-2TX Chain Lift Garage Door Opener is a must have product for homeowners. Apart from its durability and ease of use, you can enjoy the convenience, security and peace of mind.

Especially, if you are looking for high quality garage door opener with very limited budget, this system is just made for you. Make sure to buy it from reputed store and claim the warranty card. However, if you don’t like this product, I think 8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack Garage Door Opener Side Mount Security is a great replace.