Home Security Tips for Summer: Keeping Your Home Safe

By Jack | Home Security

Aug 25

Home Security Tips for Summer: Keeping Your Home Safe
There is nothing worse than returning home from a vacation to discover that your home has been burgled. Not only do you have to come to terms with precious items being stolen, and the aftermath of having to clear up the mess and phone your insurance company, but you also have to contend with the mental and emotional damage that someone has invaded your private place. Well, there are certain precautions and steps that you can put in place for this summer time, especially if you are heading on vacation for a period of time and want the house to be well secured against any event like this happening.

Tip 1: Don’t Leave Your Keys in Sight

Don’t Leave Your Keys in Sight
By keys we are describing any type of key here; we don’t just mean leaving your car keys on open view on a table next to the window while your car is parked on the drive. We are talking about window keys; shed keys, garage keys or anything else that may be a temptation to thieves. According to recent reports most burglaries will take place during evening hours when the sun has set, so make sure you have shut and locked all your windows and doors. Any kind of window or entrance into the house that is left the slightest bit open is an opportunity to get in without the need of breaking a window or kicking down a door.

Tip 2: Pause any Deliveries

Pause any Deliveries
The biggest sign you are away on vacation is plenty of mail hanging out of your mailbox or newspapers scattered across the lawn. Make sure that you request the post office to hold your mail for however long you are going to be away on vacation, as well as your local newspaper delivery service. By doing this you will prevent any clear tell-tale signs you are away.

Tip 3: Trust Thy Neighbor

Trust Thy Neighbor
If you are pretty friendly with your next door neighbor then ask them to check in on your house each day to empty garbage cans or to just take your post into the house. Don’t get them to leave your post on a table that is viewable through a window otherwise would be thieves will know you are on vacation if they see post, newspapers and flyers all piled up high on your table.

Tip 4: Get Yourself some plugin timers

Get Yourself some plugin timers
We have all seen Home Alone, and the one scene where Kevin makes it look like there is a party going on in the house, right? Well these days technology allows us to use timeable plugs which will activate an electric current as pre-planned times. What this means is you can get your lights (lamps usually) to come on at certain times during the evening and then switch back off at certain times. Just try not to make it a rounded number like ON at 7pm and OFF at 11pm.

Tip 5: Leave Your Blinds Open

Leave Your Blinds Open
You might think this goes against security. Surely leaving your blinds wide open will only trigger people to burgle the home but you have to think that a house with blinds shut every day when they are usually open just arouses suspicion for burglars that all is not quite what it seems. Our tip is to leave your blinds and shutters open or slanted; basically how they are usually.

Tip 6: Get yourself a house alarm

Get yourself a house alarm
Probably the greatest tip of all is to get yourself a house alarm fitted if you haven’t already got one. These are priceless in today’s society, and in the event of any activity or disturbance in getting into the house and the alarm will ring loudly. This in-turn will have thieves running from the scene and neighbors will be at their windows like a shot to see what’s going on. Some house alarms also route straight through to the local police department who will usually come out to the scene promptly to see what the disturbance is.

Tip 7: Leave a Phone Number with a Neighbor

Leave a Phone Number with a Neighbor
Our final tip is to leave a contactable phone number with a neighbor so that you can be contacted during any kind of emergency.