LiftMaster 3280 Premium Series 1/2 HP Belt Drive Review

By Jack | LiftMaster

Jul 02
LiftMaster 3280 Premium Series 1/2 HP Belt Drive W/O Rail Assembly
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Review Summary:

You can easily open and close the garage door from longer distances with the help of remote control. In case power breaks down, then you can comfortably use the manual release handle system incorporated in this garage door opener.

With a lot many options out there in the market, people often get confused to decide which garage door opener will suits them the best. The easier most method is to outline your requirements according to location and door type of your garage. Now go through the reliable reviews from the real users or you can ask for recommendation from your friends or any other known person with sound knowledge about garage door opener.

Lucky You! I am the one who can help you and will help you. Few days back, I replaced my old garage old opener and installed LiftMaster 3280 Premium Series 1/2 HP Belt Drive. It is brilliantly meeting up all my demands from performance to security and connectivity.

Benefits you can gain from LiftMaster 3280:

After features, anything is the best defined through benefits it offers. Great number of advantages in economical price means you are going to make fairly wonderful deal. LiftMaster 3280 premium series garage door opener offers below listed benefits.  

  • The advanced electronics technology used in this garage door opener gives you more control while installing and using it.
  • You can easily open and close the garage door from longer distances with the help of remote control.
  • In case power breaks down, then you can comfortably use the manual release handle system incorporated in this garage door opener.
  • You can take pleasure in super quiet performance because Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS) mechanism is installed in this garage that greatly reduces the vibration.
  • It is a smart garage door opener that allows you to program your security codes mechanically through multi-functional control panel.
  • You can easily and quickly install the wires because of the quick connect feature facility available in it.
  • You can have brighter lightning system with this garage door opener installed in your garage because it contains 200 watts light source.
  • Its dual and non-yellowing mounted lenses simplify the process of bulbs replacement, in the event of damage.
  • When closed, it provides optimum security from the prowlers because it incorporates the Patented PosiLock system resulting in maximum protection.
  • Belt grip is not just better than others but outstanding because of the precisely engineered reinforced belt drive mechanism set in this garage door opener.
  • With little practice, you can easily assemble and install this garage door opener.
  • Its durability level is beyond your expectation. Install it once and you will get to know how magnificently it withstands the harsh elements resulting in years of extended life.

Features embedded in LiftMaster 3280

Innovative features are must in any equipment if you want to enjoy the quality performance. If you are looking for a reliable garage door opener that can meet all your needs then LiftMaster 3280 Premium Series 1/2 HP Belt Drive is the best option. How come? Just check out the features it owns.

  • HP Motor:

A heavy duty HP motor is fit in this user-friendly garage door opener. It incorporates with a Motion vibration isolation system resulting in smooth and quiet functioning.

  • T-rail Assembly:

It implements a single piece solid steel T-rail support assembly coupled with belt.  Its enhanced belt driving mechanism provides a secure grip and hence increases the safety factor.

  • Control Panel:

This fast and quiet garage door opener features an easy-to-use and multi-functional control panel. One 373LM remote control model comes with it.

  • Additional features:

Some other innovative features of this garage door opener include, opener lights patented PosiLock system, security rolling code technology and manual release handles.

Pros and Cons of the product


LiftMaster 3280 is fully capable of satisfying and pleasing its user.  I am personally using it and therefore, I can assure you of the following pros of this first-rate garage door opener.

  1. It is cost effective, reliable and durable.
  2. It is faster, quieter and exceptionally secure.
  3. It offers steady and powerful performance.
  4. It is easy to assemble and you can install it yourself.
  5. You can easily install it with the help of remote control.
  6. Its code changing technology assures enhanced security.
  7. Patented PosiLock system enhances its defending capability.
  8. Best suitable for residential to industrial use
  9. It comes with industrial-strength belt drive
  10. For years, you can enjoy its super-quiet and smooth operation.
  11. 200 watts lighting makes its use more clear and brighter
  12. You can feasibly replace the bulbs, in case, if anyone damages
  13. Single piece solid steel T-rail assembly is designed to reduce friction.
  14. No lubrication or binding is needed even in extreme temperatures


It would be better if this opener comes with LED bulbs and reverse sensors.

What Customers Are Saying ?



If you are an expert and can install a garage door opener, you still need to take into account some important measures before, during and after that.  Here are some significantly useful tips to consider while setting up your garage door opener and using it afterwards.

  1. Follow step-by-step guide from the user’s manual for DIY installation.
  2. However, I recommend you to let the professional technicians handle this job.
  3. To avoid accidents, ensure that garage entrance is clear before you close the door.
  4. Install reinforcement bracket to reduce the door’s vulnerability and chances of damage.
  5. Ensure that your garage door isn’t out of balance as soon as opener is installed.
  6. If your door is heavy, you may need additional power to tackle it. Consult the professional.
  7. Door opener’s control panel should not be accessible for kids.
  8. Keep the remote control away from the kids to avoid untoward incidents.
  9. Keep checking all parts of the garage door opener and do maintenance every so often.


LiftMaster 3280 Premium Series 1/2 HP Belt Drive is the best option available on the market. This well-built, excellent quality, super-quiet, and highly dependable door opener will make your life easier in accessing your garage. Once install, it will become part and parcel of your routine life assuring years of hassle-free service. This long-lasting and secure garage door opener fully capable of providing you peace of mind.