LiftMaster 3585 Elite Series® 3/4 HP Belt Drive Review

By Jack | LiftMaster

Jul 03
LiftMaster 3585 Elite Series® 3/4 HP Belt Drive W/O Rail Assembly
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Review Summary:

LiftMaster 3585 Elite Series with 3/4 HP Belt Drive is the optimal choice to fulfill this top priority of keeping your home secure from intruders

This product is no longer available. Please see the updated model for this review, the LiftMaster 8587 / 3595.

Everyone desires the safest residence to live in and security factor is just undeniable when you have a garage too. LiftMaster 3585 Elite Series with 3/4 HP Belt Drive is the optimal choice to fulfill this top priority of keeping your home secure from intruders. This garage door opener is designed to remove any forms of lapses that can expose you to insecure and risky situations.

With this innovative and quality garage gate opener in place, you will not be required to worry about whether or not you left your garage door open on leaving the house in hustle. You can easily control its operation with brilliant control panel and belt driven technology will also bring more ease to your way.

Market is full of different types and models of garage door openers manufactured under varying brands names. I found LiftMaster 3585 opener the best for the features and benefits.

Benefits to be enjoyed from LiftMaster 3585:

I can assure you the below listed benefits that you will get from this brilliantly designed garage door opener.  I personally experienced these benefits and now sharing with you to make your purchase process simple and easier.

  • Its cost affective, about half of the price of other belt driven garage door openers.
  • This durable and dependable opener will give you powerful yet quiet performance.
  • Commonly designed for residential use, LiftMaster 3585 can easily handle heavy-load doors
  • It is also gives optimal performance when used for reinforced doors installed in high wind areas.
  • Its Protector System will reverse the closing garage door in case sensor light beam gets interrupted.
  • If your garage door comes in contact with an object or person, the incorporated Sensing Technology will stop it from closing.
  • Automatic On/Off Light and Manual Release Handle will make its use easier for you.
  • Its PosiLock System results in maximum protection because it will securely lock your garage door when closed.
  • You can install it either for your one-piece door (with or without track) or the sectional door. In both cases, it will work brilliantly.
  • Its belt drive mechanism makes it one of the quietest garage door openers.
  • The 3/4 horsepower motor of this open can easily lift the heavy duty steel doors having wood overlay.
  • Its steel reinforced belt can  feasibly life heavy duty garage doors
  • Motor of ¾ horsepower provides string power to open any steel to heavy wooden made garage door.
  • This nice looking opener, wonderfully eliminates the vibrations and sounds making it a perfect option for home with rooms near to the garage.
  • Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS) not only makes it super-quiet but also enhances its smooth operation capacity.
  • This garage door opener stands the test of time and therefore, performs efficiently and quietly.
  • I simply love its optimum functionality with enhanced convenience and efficiency for my garage located near the living room.

Features of the LiftMaster 3585:

For about three years, this belt driven opener is installed in my garage and I still don’t feel like replacing it. This is because of the great features and high end performance furnished by this garage door opener. Let me tell briefly about its imperative features.

  1. ¾ HP Motor:

3/4 powerful HP automatic motor results in improved performance of the opener even in the extreme weather conditions. This drive unit can lift even the heaviest garage doors quietly and effortlessly yet with precision.

  1. Remote Control:

LiftMaster 3585 garage gate opener features 373P Premium remote control to give you pleasure of smart efficiency.

  1. 200 Watt Lighting:

The opener is featured with two bulbs, each of 100 watt. For easy connectivity, a 6 foot power cord is also comes with this opener.

  1. Additional Features:

It also features outstanding security and sensing technologies for your home and family’s protection including Protector System, PosiLock System and also Security+ Rolling Code technology.

Pros and Cons


  1. It is economical and goes easy on your pocket
  2. It is reliable, durable and powerful
  3. It can easily lift heavy doors of Amy material
  4. It offers strong pulling force via ¾ HP motor
  5. It runs in ultra-quiet mode with zero vibrations
  6. Its best suitable for garage near to your room
  7. In standby mode, it consumes less power.
  8. 100 watt lights make night operation easy.
  9. It comes with five year limited warranty for parts
  10. It offers quality control along with peace of mind.


Be advised that your older remote control will not work with LiftMaster 3585. One of my friends was annoyed that his garage door opens by itself at random times. I suggested him to replace the board and wall button. His problem resolved and he is all happy now. You can add 100 watt lights only.

What Customers Are Saying ?


Maximum safety tips are needed while installing the garage door opener. However, you must also be careful when operating the opener. For this, following list of precautionary measures will certainly help you.

  1. Better to call at professionals for opener’s installation or else, carefully follow the manual instructions if you want to install it yourself.
  2. When operating, make sure that there isn’t any pet or kid around and always keep the remote control away from kids reach.
  3. Prior to install and operate garage door opener, ensure that locks are disabled and ropes connected to the door are removed to avoid entanglement or any untoward situation.
  4. If you want to avoid any possible malfunction and damage to the garage door opener, always prefer operating it at 120V, 60 Hz.
  5. Always use fasteners or bolts mounted in top of the motor unit to sidestep any serious damage to the opener.
  6. Before operating the garage door opener, you must attach sprocket cover securely
  7. Keep your hands clear of sprocket while moving the opener to save your fingers from possible injuries.
  8. Always test safety reversal system upon completion of the opener’s installation
  9. Ensure that your garage door is properly balanced, lubricated and well maintained.
  10. Keep checking the garage door opener’s condition and do immediate repair or replacement if needed.


With easy installation, great functioning and enhanced efficiency, I would highly recommend you getting LiftMaster 3585 Elite Series 3/4 HP Belt Drive opener for your garage.

It has all the significant features for keeping your residence safe and secure from prowlers at all times.