LiftMaster 3595 Elite Series® 3/4 HP Carriage House Chain Drive Review

By Jack | LiftMaster

Jul 03
LiftMaster 3595 Elite Series® 3/4 HP Carriage House Chain Drive W/O Rail Assembly
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Review Summary:

Upgraded to the Liftmaster 8587. Same unit different design. Muscular 3/4 HP heavy-duty motor designed to lift even the heaviest carriage house doors

Today, there are vast majorities of people all around the world who are in search for an ideal automatic door opener to keep their valuables safe. It can be quite tricky to shop for an automatic house chain drive opener. It is only because of the reason that there are various types of openers available in the market who are offering seemingly same features and functions. However, when you take a closer look, you will see that they are not all the same as they look like.

LiftMaster 3595 Elite Series Carriage House Chain Drive is a model which stands out above all others from the family of high class LiftMaster Elite Series. This house chain drive is exceptionally good in terms of quality and functionality. You will have to look no further because this is the best for you.

Benefits of you When Using This Product

Today, you can effortlessly see a huge rise in trend of using automatic chain drive gates. It is only due to the reason that they provide extraordinary ease and comfort to the people regarding safety and security purposes. There are endless benefits of LiftMaster 3595 Elite Series. Here are some of the major benefits, which you could avail from this door opener with ease:

  • It has an enhanced protector system, which projects an invisible light beam across the garage door opening and it automatically reverses the door if something comes in between the beam while lowering the gate.
  • It has an advanced sensing technology, which will automatically stop the door from closing if a person or an object makes any sort of contact.
  • You will certainly get aware of a break in, as the opener will turn on the lights, when the infrared beam of the Protector System is broken.
  • It comes with a manual release handle, which you could effortlessly use in case of power failure.
  • It also have a patented PosiLock, which will ensure you that the door remains locked when the garage door is closed.
  • The most essential benefit which you will certainly like about this door opener is that it opens the locks automatically without causing any sort of issue. However, you might face some mechanical issues, but still these door openers are considered best in terms of functionality.

Outstanding Features of LiftMaster 3595

Below I have discussed the salient features of LiftMaster 3595 Elite Series Carriage House Chain Drive, which will surely dazzle your mind:

  • Opens High Door with Ease

Many people around the world are in search for automatic door openers for opening big heighted doors with ease. Well, in this regard people can surely select this door opener as it will allow them to open door up to 14 feet high door with ease.

  • High Efficiency Motor

This amazing chain door opener by LiftMaster comes with a high efficiency motor, which has the ability to perform better even in extreme weather conditions in an effective manner.

  • Smart Garage Feature

LiftMaster 3595 Elite Series Carriage House Chain Drive opener comes with Smart Garage Door Opener feature, which will allow you to electronically program security codes from the Smart Control Panel or you can also do it from the powerhead effectively.

  • Enclosed Gear Case

This amazing chain door opener comes with an enclosed gear case, which will help you provide continuous protection and lubrication for a long period. It will also help you perform smooth operating in an appropriate manner.

  • Extended Cable

It comes with an extended cable of 6-feet which will help you to connect it with the power source in an effective and effortless manner.

  • Built-in Light

It provides a light of 200 watts, which will surely lighten your garage doors at night or in low light conditions. It also has a built-in adjustable light timing relay, which you could use to adjust the light.

Pros and Cons of this Product

Below are some of the pros and cons of this product which you will have while using this product:


  • You will certainly not have to worry about the installation of this door opener as it can be installed effortlessly by just following some simple instructions given in the instruction manual.
  • You can effortlessly buy this product in an economical price from any online shopping website.
  • It comparatively has a less price as compared to other door openers of other popular brands available in the market.
  • It comes with an advanced security system, which will automatically turn on the lights if a person or an object breaks the infrared beam of the system.
  • It comes with an advanced remote control, which you can use to open and close the door by sitting in your car effortlessly.


It is no matter the best door opener, but the thing which may put a bad impression on you is that it has a lower speed of lifting the door. Moreover, it comes with a six-feet electric cable, which will make you use an extension cord to connect this unit to the power source.

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Attention When Using This Product

Below I have discussed some tips, which you should definitely follow during using LiftMaster 3595 Elite Series Carriage House Chain Drive:

  • Always stand clear during closing or opening of gate, as any sort of interference can cause fatal injury or may cause death.
  • Make sure that the LiftMaster 3595 Elite Series Carriage House Chain Drive you buy is passed and nationally recognized by the testing laboratory known as UL to ensure buying of high quality product. This will also help you ensure that your product is genuine and is UL 325 certified.
  • Avoid reaching through the motorized gate to configure gate-opening controls. UL 325 Safety Standard also prohibits operating of the gate openers while standing within the reach of the gate opener.
  • Try to install and position the gate controls of this device at a distance of 10-feet. It will give you better control of the gate opener functionality.
  • Prevent the children from playing alongside the automated gates, as it can prove to be a lethal game for them. Take time to teach your children about the precautionary measures they should adapt while being near an automated gate.


Today, it has become very important for you to make a wise decision and get your hands on the best LiftMaster 3595 Elite Series chain drive opener, which effortlessly fits your gate’s dimensions and most importantly your budget. You will not need to require any sort of professional help to install it. This will surely give you a piece of mind and also help you save your valuable money that you were going to spend on hiring professional help for the installation of this door opener. Get yourself the best LiftMaster Elite Series door opener after reading this helpful review.