Ready To Update Your Garage Door Opener? Check Out Our Review Of The Liftmaster 8355

By Jack | LiftMaster

May 30
liftmaster 8355

If you have a garage, it most likely has an automatic door opener. And in most cases, it was installed long before you purchased your home. Many homeowners probably don’t even think twice about their garage door opener unless it stops working or if the control goes missing.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing garage door opener or are buying one for the first time, you might be overwhelmed by the number choices that are available.

If you’re left wondering, “Aren’t all garage openers the same?” it may be time to let us help guide you in choosing the right garage opener for you.

In our in-depth review, we discuss all the features of the Liftmaster 8355, the cost of the garage door opener, how it compares to similar openers, what other users have to say, and a few of our final thoughts.

With all of this information, you should be able to decide if the Liftmaster 8355 is the best opener for your garage.

What Is The Liftmaster 8355?

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of a garage door opener and some things you should consider when shopping around for a new opener, let’s take a closer look at the Liftmaster 8355. By now, you’ve probably guessed that the Liftmaster is a garage door opener.

Liftmaster is a well-known company that has been manufacturing garage door openers for over 45 years and long before automatic garage doors became the norm. Today, Liftmaster garage door openers continue to be one of the best-sellers for residential and commercial properties.

LiftMaster 8355 Premium Series 1/2 HP AC Belt Drive MyQ Security+ 2.0...
  • Includes One 3-Button Remote Control (893LM)
  • Multi-Function Control Panel (882LMW)
  • - Garage Door Opener Head (8355W)

The Specifications Of The Liftmaster 8355

The easiest way to see how the 8355 differs from other garage door openers on the market is to look at the specifications of the opener. Some of the basic specs are as follows, click here for a complete list of specifications:

  • Length (after installation): 128”
  • Maximum Door Opening: 7’6” or up to 10’ with 8 or 10-foot rails
  • Drive Type: Steel T-Rail Belt
  • Trolley, Rail, and Chassis: Steel
  • Travel Rate: 7 inches per second
  • Power Voltage: 120V AC, 60Hz
  • Horsepower: 1/2
  • Length of Line Cord: 4’
  • Lighting: Two-100 watt bulbs

Included Accessories:

Each 8355 opener comes with a three-button remote control which can control up to three garage door openers or MyQ Light Accessories. The Multi-Function Control Panel allows users to control the garage door opener light from inside of the garage.

Optional Accessories:

Users can purchase the Internet Gateway (which we will discuss shortly) to enable the MyQ Technology.

An optional ceiling mount hides cords and wires for a cleaner and stylish look. The remote light control allows homeowners to control any house light with the garage door opener or mobile device (Internet Gateway must also be available).

The optional door and gate monitor allows users to monitor and operate up to four garage doors or gates from anywhere in the house.

Features That Make Liftmaster 8355 Stand Out From Other Garage Door Openers

As you can see the 8355 opener has 1/2 HP and a belt drive. Which means it’s a higher quality opener and is built to last longer than other openers on the market. So, what else makes it stand out from other garage door openers?

Connectivity For Safety and Security

For decades, people who had garage door openers had to rely on their door staying closed and secure once they pulled out of the driveway. While earlier garage door openers were easy to “hack” into by burglars, but these days they have become more secure.

Like other “smart” home devices, owners of the 8355 can monitor and control their garage door opener, as well as their lights on the house, from a smartphone, tablet, or computer thanks to the MyQ Technology.

With the purchase of Internet Gateway can utilize the technology and receive an email or notification (through the MyQ app) when the garage door opens or if the lights go on or off without your authorization.

Not only does MyQ Technology help to keep homeowners more connected while they are away from home, but it also keeps the garage and house more secure. With Security+2.0, a new code is sent to the garage door opener, each time a remote is used; this ensures that the garage door will only open for the homeowner.

The PosiLock keeps the garage door locked and monitors and alerts if there’s an attempted forced entry. To keep everyone safer around the opening and closing of the garage door. The Alert-2-Close gives sound and visual warnings when the door is about to close.

The Protector system is the 8355’s automatic reverse safety sensor.


Not only is the 8355 motor designed to last and the belt drive is relatively maintenance free. But the opener is also energy-efficient.

According to the manufacturer, the 8355 uses nearly 75 percent less power when it’s in standby mode. And uses about only one watt of energy while in that mode.


Now that we’ve discussed some of the specifications of the 8355 opener. And some of the features that make it unique from other openers on the market. Let’s take a look at the pricing.

If you’ve shopped around for garage door openers, you may notice that the price varies quite a bit. The average cost of installing a garage door opener is about $300, but keep in mind that depending on how many features you select or whether you install the opener yourself, the cost is likely to fluctuate.

Belt driven garage door openers, like the Liftmaster, average between $200 and $250. Depending on where you purchase the 8355, such as eBay, Amazon, or from another garage door opener retailer. You could spend anywhere from about $240 to over $400.

If you want to utilize the MyQ Technology, which requires the Internet Gateway.

You can expect to pay more as the Gateway is priced around $60. Depending on your budget, you may need to make some price comparisons. When shopping at online marketplaces, make sure you read the all the details. To ensure that you are paying for all the parts you need.

DIY Install or Hire?

It can take a few hours for a professional garage door installer to install your opener. With labor costs averaging between $60 and $80 an hour. While you may be tempted to install the garage door opener on your own, you will want to make sure that you have all the right tools and the time set aside for the project.

If you are deciding to pay for optional accessories like the MyQ Technology. You may be better off hiring a professional to install the 8355 opener to ensure it works correctly.

Liftmaster Warranty

Liftmaster offers a lifetime warranty on the belt and motor of the 8355 garage door opener.

A one-year warranty protects parts and accessories. The warranty might not apply to any damaged part if it was installed improperly. Visit the 8355 owner’s manual for full details on the warranty or contact the manufacturer directly.

What Other Users Say About The Liftmaster 8355 Garage Door Opener

Curious to know what other users of the 8355 had to say about the garage door opener. We read dozens of product reviews and customer comments online. The opener received positive feedback overall, and the average rating is at least 4 out of 5 stars.

Most users who purchased the 8355 opener were happy with the price. But some expressed confusion about which parts were included in the price. Which is why we recommend double-checking before you buy.

While most users paid to have the opener professionally installed, some installed the 8355 themselves. Users who did not install the opener on their own had fewer issues with the installation process or with parts. Than those who chose to install it themselves.

A majority of users were complimentary of the quality of the parts. Particularly the quiet belt drive. And many were impressed with the ease of use once the door opener was all set up.

Most users purchased the 8355 garage door opener. Because they wanted to have access and the ability to control their garage door when they weren’t at home. The MyQ Technology provided all the features they wanted and needed in a secure and modern garage door opener.

What We Think About Liftmaster 8355

After reading reviews and comments online. We agree that the 8355 by Liftmaster deserves an overall rating of about 4 out of 5.

If you consider the average cost of a garage door opener, the 8355 is priced reasonably. While most users chose to pay for the optional accessories and features. The garage door opener on its own (without the MyQ Technology) is a high-quality opener.

We hesitate to give this opener a full five stars because the pricing options vary. And it’s difficult to get a clear price with or without the optional accessories.

We like the capabilities of the door opener, and it’s an excellent option for people who want a little added security at home.

A Quick Look At Garage Door Openers

Unless you have an old garage door that you have to hoist open by hand, your garage opens when you press the remote (which is often kept in the car).

As we mentioned earlier, most people probably don’t think twice about their garage door until it suddenly stops working, which is usually at an inconvenient time like on the way to work or when leaving on a trip.

While garage door openers like the Liftmaster 8355 have become more modern and tech-savvy, the overall operation of a garage door opener remains about the same. Let’s take a quick look at the basic parts of an automatic garage door opener:

Tracks: Much like a garage door that needs to be opened manually, the garage door rolls along tracks.

Operator: The operator houses motors and gears, the drive guide, height adjustment, and a backup battery if the power goes out. While many people assume that the operator is responsible for lifting the door. That’s reserved for the torsion spring.

Torsions Spring: The torsion spring is attached to the inside of the garage door. And the curved arm is moved by the spring, which then moves forward or backward on the drive mechanism (which opens or closes the door).

Depending on how old your garage door is, there is probably a safety reversing sensor, which is designed to stop the door and open it if the sensor detects something (or someone) in the door as it’s closing.

What To Look For In A Garage Door

Even if you’ve shopped around a bit for a garage opener, you may have a hard time finding any noticeable differences between how they operate. Other than the price, there are a few differences to consider when selecting a garage door opener.

Different Drive Types

The drive lowers and raises the door and is available as three different types. A chain drive is one of the most common and most economical. It’s dependable but needs maintenance such as oiling or tightening.

The screw drive is most suitable for heavy double doors and uses a threaded steel rod. A screw drive is relatively maintenance-free. A belt drive typically costs the most but is also the quietest. A rubberized belt is durable enough for any type of garage door and may need occasional maintenance.

Motor Size

When looking at garage door openers, you should look at openers that are at least a 1/2 horsepower (HP) unit. Anything smaller may be less expensive, but it is also more likely to wear out more quickly.