Liftmaster 8550w Review

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Jul 07
LiftMaster 8550w

When shopping for a garage door opener, quality and durability are at the top of the list of features. While these do not really feature, you want a product that is well designed and will last a long time. There are several other things to consider, but durability and price are almost always the deciding factors. A Liftmaster 8550w is definitely on the list to consider.

Many homeowners are looking for better options and more security. A garage door opener that can monitor your garage and provide alerts via a smartphone app adds security to any home. It also makes it easy to get in the garage and can make sure the door is closed when you forget.


  • Securely monitor and control your garage door opener with your smartphone
  • Reliable, durable and powerful motor
  • Battery Backup 


  • Opener is a bit noisy
  • Warranty is not available to some

An Overview of the Liftmaster 8550w Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster 8550w

It is no secret that having a garage door opener for your garage doors can make your life as a homeowner a whole lot easier. When shopping for a garage door opener, quality and durability are at the top of the list of features that one will primarily look for. While these are usually the primary features, you will also want a garage door opener that is well designed and will last a long time. There are several other things to consider as well. All in all, the need for these features can only mean one thing, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to garage door openers. Today, we are going to look at one garage door opener in particular. This is the LiftMaster 8550w. 

In today's article, we are going to take an in depth look at the LiftMaster 8550w Garge Door Opener.  stick around to find out why this garage door opener is one of the best in terms of quality, durability, price, and overall practicality. 

Why Should You Invest In a Garage Door Opener?

It is no surprise that garages are the primary storage space in any home. Many garages are built for more than just your car these days. You'll often find that costly appliances, valuable tools, and other odds and ends are typically housed in garages. Because of this, like any other aspect of your home, you will want to keep your garage safe and secure. For this reason, having a garage door opener can be the perfect solution to having complete control over when your garage door gets opened and closed, as well as monitoring when it does so.

In addition to adding security to any home, having a garage door opener can make your life a whole lot easier. Having one installed makes it easy to get in and out of the garage without having to deal with buttons and switches or needing to free up your hands. Lastly, they can save you a lot of headaches if you can’t remember whether or not you closed it. (You will see why shortly). 

LiftMaster: Behind the Brand

When it comes to purchasing any major appliance for your home, it is always a good idea to do a little research about the brand behind the product. Knowing the makers of your product can give you some insight into whether or not you have a reliable product on your hands. When you are shopping for the best garage door opener, you will certainly want to consider the different manufacturers that are out there for you to choose from.

When It comes to the LiftMaster brand, there are plenty of positive aspects to look forward to. LiftMaster falls under the command of its parent company, the Chamberlain Group. The Chamberlain Group is responsible for several major product lines including Craftsman, Clicker, and Raynor. LiftMaster is the company's line of exceptional garage door openers. LiftMaster is targeted towards professional installers and this is one of the major difference is that you will find between the LiftMaster brand and other garage door brands that can be installed on your own without a professional.

To date, LiftMaster is one of the most popular garage door opener brands on the market. The line is continuously improving with its innovative and creative line of products that meet a variety of garage door opening needs. One of the ways the brand has been able to innovate and enhance user experience is through their connectivity features. With many of the newer model LiftMaster garage door openers, you can expect to find connectivity apps like the MyQ Service app that lets you control and monitor your garage door even when you are not at home. The LiftMaster 8550w is a prime example of this technology. We will talk about this technology a bit more in detail later on in the article. For now, let's dive into the specifics of this garage door opener as we review the LiftMaster 8550w.

An Overview of the Liftmaster 8550w Garage Door Opener

In our review of LiftMaster 8550w,  there are several facets that we will look at. We will explore the overall design of the LiftMaster 8550w, as well as the performance, and the ease of use that it provides. At the end of our review, you will find other helpful sections that will go over what customers who actually purchased LiftMaster 8550w think of it. So, without further delay, let's get started!


Unlike many past garage door opener models, the LiftMaster 8550w has a sleek design that works with most popular garage door systems. You also have the option of versatility as it can be installed as a side-mounted garage door opener too. Users will especially love the style of the Liftmaster 8550w because of the fact that is not as bulky as other models on the market. Instead, you will be met with a sleek red, black, and white unit that blends into any garage settings. Lastly, the Liftmaster 8550w only weighs 18 lb. This makes it a rather lightweight garage door opener unit meaning it will be less cumbersome when it comes to installation. 


When it comes to the performance of this garage door opener, there is plenty to be pleased about. The LiftMaster 8550w has a 1/2 horsepower DC motor that can lift doors that weigh up to 550 pounds. There are two 100-watt light bulbs on each side of the LiftMaster 8550w too. The lights are automatic, so they’ll go off a few minutes after the garage door was last used.

The LiftMaster 8550w is not designed to be installed by do it yourselfers. You can install it yourself, but the brand recommends hiring a professional. If you have a garage door opener that is chain driven, using a professional is probably a better option because the chain drive has to be replaced with a belt drive. Many reviews will include customers who have installed the Liftmaster 8550w themselves, but it goes without saying that these are often the customers who have issues with their garage door opener due to poor installation. We recommend following the guidance of LiftMaster and having the LiftMaster 8550w installed by a professional.  

Key Features

While there are many great features that LiftMaster 8550w offers, The LiftMaster 8550w’s DC motor is probably the best feature this garage door has going for it. Both DC and AC motors have their respective advantages, but DC motors are a little better where garage door openers are concerned. DC motors are quieter than AC motors and more reliable too.

Battery Backup

Another great aspect of the LiftMaster 8550w is the fact that this garage door opener comes with a battery backup. That may not seem like a key feature, but if the power goes out, you’ll wish your garage door opener still worked. This is especially true if your garage door can only be opened by the garage door opener or if it’s difficult to open manually. In areas that are prone to severe storms that lead to occasional shut off of power, having a backup battery powered garage door opener such as the LiftMaster 8550w is one of those things that you don't wish you had until you need it. 

The battery backup is charged while the power is available. If the power goes out, you can expect to be able to open your garage door about 40 times on a single charge. The great thing with this backup battery is that you never have to replace it either. This is because the battery pack recharges when power is available. If you live in an area that is prone to bad weather and prolonged power outages, the Liftmaster 8550w garage door opener is a great choice for you.

Door Timer

One of our favorite features is the automatic door timer. We’ve all been late for work or in a hurry to get indoors for one reason or another. If you forget to close the garage door, the Liftmaster 8550w will do it for you. How neat is that? Many of the new garage opener models have started incorporating this feature and the LiftMaster 8550W has been at the forefront of this. 

You can set the timer to automatically close the garage door in five, ten or 99 minutes. This is a great feature for anyone that gets to work and can’t remember if they closed the garage door. It happens more often than you think and when it does, you will wish you had a garage door opener that can accommodate that. 

What makes this garage door opener great when compared to many of its competitors is this awesome door timer feature. You don't find many features like this, especially on older garage door opener model. If you are looking to upgrade your garage door opener, then the LiftMaster 8550w  is certainly a great option to consider because of this feature. 

Belt Drive

The belt drive is another one of our favorite features. Belt-drives are much quieter than chain drives, this is one of the more obvious advantages of them. It’s much easier to replace a belt than a chain if the belt fails. You may need a professional to install the LiftMaster 8550w, but chances are you can maintain it yourself.

Product Specs

When it comes to the detailed specifics of the LiftMaster 8550w, here is what you can expect to be met with. 

  • Security + 2.0 for added security
  • Drive system: MY Q ® Belt drive technology
  • Remote controlled garage lock
  • Motor Power: ½ HP
  • Timer to close
  • Battery backup
  • Motion sensing lights

The wall control panel has a digital readout that displays the temperature in the garage. It can also alert you to any issues with the LiftMaster 8550w. It is also here where you will be able to adjust timers for the auto-close feature. The wall control panel also tells you if a sensor is blocked.  If you have small children running around your house then this is a great plus. The door won’t close if the sensors think something may be under the door.

Motion Detecting Light

One of the best safety features of Liftmaster 8550w  is the motion detecting light sensor. The motion detecting lights come on if someone enters the garage. The lights may not light up your entire garage, but they add just enough illumination for you to be aware that your garage has activity going on in it.  The motion detecting light is also great if you need to get something out of your garage during the later hours in the day. The level of illumination is perfect for running into the garage to grab something. As with the timer, the lights can be set to go off after a delay using the wall control panel.

Another one of the best features of the LiftMaster 8550w is the fact that it has such great connectivity options. The Liftmaster 8550w is part of the MyQ home automation technology. This technology comes with an easy to use app that you can download on any smartphone or tablet. This app gives you full control over your LiftMaster 8550w garage door opener. The app gives you alerts about the security of your garage door as well as any alerts regarding it being open or the motion sensor lights turning on. We would consider this a strong feature, but the app is only available if you use the MyQ system. If you want to use the MyQ system, it has many advantages including a live video feed and notifications if anything is wrong. Using the MyQ system requires a free download and you never have to pay any annual activation fees, however, the interface itself will cost you an additional charge. We will go over this in a moment. 

How Much Does It Cost?

You can order the LiftMaster 8550w on Amazon for just a little over $200 (This is the current price during the course of this review.) It should be noted however that if you have a chain-driven garage door opener, you’ll need to get a quote from a professional to replace the chain-drive with the LiftMaster belt-drive system. This may be an additional charge to the purchase of your LiftMaster 8550w. 

There are several accessories to make the garage door opener more valuable to your daily operations of making things a little easier. For example, you can get it with a wireless, keyless entry system for an extra $45.99. There is a control panel which adds many options including system troubleshooting. All these extra accessories are not necessary for a great experience with the LiftMaster 8550w, but they certainly do make your life a whole lot easier.

Other Accessories

As we mentioned earlier, there are some additional accessories that come with the LiftMaster 8550w. The downside is these accessories do add an additional charge to your overall purchase. However, if you are going to invest in a quality garage door opener like the LiftMaster 8550w,  we recommend you purchase these additional accessories as they will heighten your overall experience. 

If you want to use the smartphone app, you’ll need to buy the internet gateway for the Liftmaster 8550w. However, downloading app is not a charge. The internet gateway adds $59.99 to the price, but it gives you the peace of mind to know you can monitor your garage from anywhere in the world via your phone. You can make sure the kids remembered to close the garage door, see a live video feed, and get alerts if something is wrong.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, there is plenty you will find online regarding the LiftMaster 8550w. Most of the customer reviews we found were positive. Many cited how quiet they found the LiftMaster 8550w was compared to their previous garage door opener, or how well it replaced their old garage door opener in general. If you go onto the Liftmaster website,  you will find plenty of positive customer reviews and testimonials from homeowners who thoroughly enjoy their LiftMaster 8550w  garage door opener.

Overall, customers are satisfied with how easy to use this garage door opener is. Not only that, but it is one of the quietest garage door openers on the market thanks to its belt drive. You do not have to disrupt the whole household every time you open up and close your garage. In addition to that, the ability to connect wirelessly through the MyQ system app comes in handy for many homeowners, especially those with young children.

Other Reviews

There were a few negative reviews, but after investigating it looks like it was just a matter of not following instructions. Almost all the problems mentioned in these reviews could be cleared up by either contacting customer support or simply visiting their website for troubleshooting help. Their troubleshooting section has a lot of helpful information and several videos to help you figure out what might be wrong and of course, how to correct the problem. Many of the reviews also indicated the LiftMaster garage door opener not functioning properly due to improper installation. This is another reason why you should consider hiring a professional to get the job done. 

Really the only downside to this garage door opener is the fact that the complete set requires you to buy additional accessories. We would have loved for this garage door opener to be sold with all the accessories included, but we understand from a business standpoint why LiftMaster has packaged the LifeMaster 8550w this way. However, we cannot emphasize the fact that although you need to purchase all the additional accessories for the full experience, you still do get a great product if you just buy the base garage door opener and the car attachment. 

How Does the Liftmaster 8550w Compare to Similar Products?

Based on customer reviews, it holds up for durability. Compared to the Chamberlain WD832KEV Garage Door Opener, which offers most of the same features and is also belt driven, the Liftmaster 8550w is the cheaper option. Both garage door openers really need professional installation and aren’t great for the DIY homeowner. Although they both stack up in similar regards, the ease of use, sleek design, and connectivity that the LiftMaster 8550w offers does make it a better buy.


If you want a DIY option, you’re better off either replacing your current garage door opener or buying a chain driven garage door opener. The problem with DIY garage door openers is there are usually no bonus features like the smartphone app and motion sensors you can get with the Liftmaster 8550w. 

Chain drive garage door openers are easier to install and cheaper, but chain-drives have a lot of undesirable qualities. Chain-drives are louder and require more maintenance. As they age and even some brand-new models, vibrations, and shudders begin to develop and only get worse. If the chain is in a dusty environment, it will need cleaning and oiling often.

Overall, you have to consider the fact that the LiftMaster 8550w was not designed to be a DIY install. Not following proper installation procedures may result in damage to your unit, damage to your garage, and incorrect installation. All of these will cause you to have a less than experience with your LiftMaster 8550w. If you are looking for an easy install garage door opener, then this garage door opener is likely not your best bet. 


As with any product on the market, not all products were designed for every single homeowner. The LiftMaster 8550w follows the same rule. Before you purchase this garage door opener you will want to consider your needs first. The best way to do this is to ask yourself a few questions and answer them honestly. Some of these questions can include; are you willing to install your new garage door opener yourself? Do you want technological connectivity and the ability to monitor your garage even when you're not home? Do you often feel the need to go back to your garage door and check if you close it or not? Is noise level a determining factor when you are shopping around for a garage door opener? Questions like these will help you narrow down what it is that you need your garage door opener to do. From then on, you can match up your needs with the best garage door opener on the market. 

Other Things to Consider

If you want to install it yourself, shopping for a chain-drive garage door opener is a better option. Also, if you want the added security of a smartphone app, the Liftmaster 8550w has a well-developed, intuitive smartphone app. If a louder garage door opener isn’t an issue, a chain-driven garage door opener is cheaper, and you can install it yourself.

The belt-driven Liftmaster 8550w is worth the money it costs even with the added features. Being able to monitor your garage in real-time is probably the more notable addon. If you aren't mechanically inclined or don’t want to install a garage door opener yourself, head over to and get started on a quote. The process is easy and the response times are fast.

Final Thoughts on the LiftMaster 8550W

If you are looking for a DIY garage door opener, the Liftmaster 8550w might not be the best choice. Ordering the Liftmaster 8550w from Amazon may seem inexpensive, but you only get the Liftmaster 8550w. If you want to use the wall control panel or the smartphone app, expect to pay about $100 plus extra. So, if you purchase the whole package along with professional installation, it is really a one time buy that will last you for years to come. In the grand scheme of it, it's not a costly price for a product that is tried and tested to be durable, reliable, and easy to use. 



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