Mighty Mule Gate Opener – Is it the best?

By Lydia | Reviews

Jul 12

What makes a gate opener the best?

A gate opener is supposed to add ease to your life. Having a great garage door opener on hand can take the hassle of getting out of your car to push a button or punch in a code. So shouldn’t installing the gate opener be just as simple? That’s the belief behind the Mighty Mule gate opener. Today, we are going to take a look at the many ways a Mighty Mule gate opener can simplify your life. From the origination of the brand to how it can make your life a lot easier, we have got you covered. Let’s get started!

Mighty Mule: Behind the Brand

In order to understand why and how this leading brand has become one of the world’s most popular, let’s take a look back at how they started. The Mighty Mule gate opener company started back in the 1980’s. Their founder had been living in a remote location on a horse ranch in Florida when he had the idea to install an automatic gate opener. 

Like all life changing products, Mighty Mule was born out of a need. The original creator was frustrated with having to always get out of his car to open the gate then close it after he entered. When he reached out to more industrial manufacturers to get a product created for himself, the price was unrealistic. He got quotes that would run upwards of $4,000. It was then that he found the value of creating a prototype that not only worked great on his property but one that could benefit those around him as well. This chain of events came together to create an idea for gate openers that were not only affordable but could be installed without the need for a professional. This unique aspect of being able to install a gate opener in almost any location without a professional is what propelled a Mighty Mule gate opener to be one of the leading personalized gate openers on the market. 

When you shop from the Mighty Mule brand, you can look forward to purchasing a dependable and durable product that will keep your home safe and secure.  above all, Mighty Mule Prides itself in the fact that anyone can purchase any one of their products and have them installed themselves. These products make for the perfect solution for do it yourself homeowners.

What Does Mighty Mule provide?

The Mighty Mule brand provides much more than just gate openers. The brand specializes in general safety and access of your home in general. Here are the three facets of the brand that you can look forward to shopping for when you shop Mighty Mule.

Automatic gate openers

The automatic gate openers that are sold through the Mighty Mule brand are geared towards do it yourself homeowners. The kits come with everything that you need in order to install a basic gate opener. You do not have to worry about doing any electrical work or welding anything together. Instead, you can look forward to easy instructions that are simple and straightforward to read. There’s also a DVD that will help you follow step by step exactly how to set up your  Mighty Mule gate opener. This DVD instructional material is great for those who have trouble following traditional installation instructions. 

Garage opener accessories

While Mighty Mule is known for their gate opener, you can also find plenty of gate opener accessories from the brand as well. These accessories were all crafted so that the functionality of your life is made much easier. Some of the neat accessories you can look forward to include intercoms, keypads, multi-button transmissions, and wireless exit sensors. These are all accessories that not only make your life a whole lot easier, but they give you full control over who enters your home and when. Again, these accessories were designed for homeowners who prefer tackling a project on their own. Following the simple to read instructions, you can get these accessories set up and running in no time.

Garage door openers

In addition to the incredible selection of gate openers you can find at Mighty Mule, you can also find a remedy for outdated garage door openers. Mighty Mule has a select line of garage door openers for you to choose from. What makes the Mighty Mule garage door openers different from any of the other competitors is the fact that you can find LED features on your garage door opener. With many of the other competitors, LED fixtures are often sold separately in garage door opener kits. 

The garage door openers from the Mighty Mule line are also geared towards making your life a whole lot easier. You can look forward to great warranties, and even greater customer service when setting up your garage door opener. There are also neat features such as Wi-Fi connectivity that can be used with a downloadable smartphone app. This level of connectivity will allow you to know when your garage door is being opened even when you are not at home. This is just another example of how the Mighty Mule brand is dedicated to making your home safe and secure.

What Comes in Your Kit? 

As mentioned before, when you purchase from the Mighty Mule brand, your Mighty Mule gate opener kit is going to come with everything you need in order to set it up. Each kit includes both an instruction manual and DVD. the inclusion of a DVD tutorial is very helpful as you can follow step by step exactly how to set up your Mighty Mule gate opener. For many people who are installing this themselves, this level of guidance really gives you a sense of confidence in your project. Not everyone feels comfortable with installing things themselves but Mighty Mule has made it so simple that doing it yourself is very possible! If the manual and the DVD still are not detailed enough for you, you can also search the internet for tutorials. There are also lots of informational videos and step-by-step tutorials on YouTube such as this one:

Most kits also come with other things you might need such as mounting hardware and brackets. As with any project that you set up yourself, It’s important to look at all the items you need before installing your gate opener. You also need to be sure that you read the instructions and watch the DVD thoroughly before you get started. Doing so will allow you to forgo any missteps due to lack of understanding. Unlike many other brands that claim to be easy to install, you do not need guidance or assistance from the professionals with a Mighty Mule  Gate opener. You really can do it yourself and you do get what you see. 

What Makes the Mighty Mule Gate Opener the Best?

Of course, there are countless other brands who claimed that their gate openers are the best. But in order to make sure that you are buying the best gate opener for your home, you need to look at the specifics. When it comes to the Mighty Mule gate opener brand, here is what makes it stand out from the rest.

A Mighty Mule Gate Opener is Durable

When looking for a gate opener, it is also important to get one that is reliable and durable. After all, the whole point of installing a gate opener is to make sure that you only let in who you want to let in. You also don’t want your gate opener to ever fail you either so making sure that it is reliable is of the utmost importance. 

You should always try to get the best quality for your money. Important qualities to look for include: power and strength.  When shopping the Mighty Mule gate opener brand, these two features are something that are a given. The Mighty Mule automatic gate openers can handle gates that weigh up to 1,000 pounds!  Not only that but when it comes to the operation of a Mighty Mule gate opener, you can be sure that it will never fail you. The same goes for the accessories that are provided when every Mighty Mule gate opener and the different products offered in the Mighty Mule garage door opener line. You do not have to take our word for it. When it comes to the durability of a Mighty Mule gate opener, the brand speaks for itself as they were given the “best in the class” award when dealing with heavy duty gates.

They are Versatile

Not all homes are built the same so it would be silly to think that all gates are the same. Gates come in all shapes and sizes and Mighty Mule understands that. That is why the brand has made sure that their products are able to work on a variety of gates, not just standard size ones. Whether your gate is used at a warehouse, a ranch, on a farm, or your own house, there is a very good chance you will be able to find the right gate opener for you. 

You will find that the gate openers from the Mighty Mule brand are divided into two categories of gates: swing and slide. You can then choose if your gate is a dual or a single gate. Lastly, the type of gate opener you want will go off of the length of your gate. Mighty Mule automatic gate openers come in sizes ranging from 6ft to over 20 ft.

Overall, it is important to know exactly what it is you are looking for in a gate opener. When you are able to determine the size of your gate, the style, and the type of gate you have, you are much more equipped to buy the proper Mighty Mule gate opener.

As we mentioned earlier, when you purchase a Mighty Mule gate opener, you are not limited to just what you purchased in your kit. Aside from gate openers Mighty Mule also offers accessories such as:

  • Intercoms
  • Keypads
  • Exit Sensors
  • Multi-Button Transmitters

While none of these extra editions our required, they certainly do make your life a whole lot easier.  Having accessories such as the intercom and keypad can allow you to expand entrance to friends, family, and guests. These accessories also give your home a level of security and confidence that you would not have otherwise. 

When it comes to keeping your home safe, you are also sure to love the safety accessories as well. The brand offers alarms systems and locks to assure the safety of your property. These items also follow the “D-I-Y” model of Mighty Mule and are easy to install. With any accessory you purchase, you will not need to hire a professional to install it for you. Rather you can do it on your own with ease.

Where Can You Buy a Mighty Mule Gate Opener? 

For over 30 years, the Mighty Mule brand has made a mark on homeowners, residential properties, and businesses. With this high demand of this dependable brand, it’s no surprise that there are several retailers you can go to when you want to purchase a Mighty Mule product. 

Mighty Mule is currently sold in brick and mortar stores such as the Tractor Supply Company, Costco, Maynard’s, and the Home Depot. If you happen to live near a Mighty Mule store, then you can pop in and get a full selection of all that they have to offer. If there is ever an accessory, or product that is not carried in the store, you can always find exactly what you need online at Amazon.com. If you live in a city where you are not sure if there is a Mighty Mule supplier, then use this handy online tool to find the closest retailer to you.

Price point

As with any product you purchase, you want to make sure that you are making the best choice for your home. Part of this is considering the price of what you are going to buy. It is no surprise that purchasing a gate opener can be a costly purchase. However, when you shop the Mighty Mule brand, you will find a wide range of gate openers at varying prices. This allows you to work within a budget to purchase the Mighty Mule gate opener that is perfect for your home. In addition to that, you will find that the accessories are also reasonably priced. You have to consider that when you shop with Mighty Mule, you are shopping for a product that will not fail you over the course of its lifetime. Because of that, you really are getting what you pay for.


With any Mighty Mule product you purchase, you can look forward to a warranty that comes with it. There are several warranty options offered. These warranty options include a 12 month period, an 18 month period, and a 24 month period. Every product and accessory from the Mighty Mule brand will fall under one of these three category options. With all their warranties, the warranty program will start from the day that you purchase your product. 

If your product runs out of warranty or is not covered, you may have the option of a nonwarranty repair. A nonwarranty repair is not issued for every product and is dependent on what you purchased and when you have purchased it. To learn more about the warranty program that Mighty Mule offers, click here. 

What Customers Think About the Mighty Mule Brand

Customers who have purchased a product from the Mighty Mule brand will for the most part have nothing but positive things to say about it. While the Mighty Mule gate opener is the reason the brand has become so popular, it is no surprise that Mighty Mule is continuing to pave the way for gate openers, accessories, and garage door openers. 

Generally, customers appreciate how durable, strong, and dependable the Mighty Mule gate opener is. In addition to that, customers really enjoy that it is super easy to install. This is thanks to the helpful instructions and DVD that come in every Mighty Mule gate opener ki. As with any purchase, customers who have purchased the Mighty Mule gate opener recommend knowing your gate type, and size well before going out to purchase a Mighty Mule gate opener. Not knowing your needs will lead you towards making a purchase that is not best suited for your gate.

Overall, you will find that the Mighty Mule brand is one of the most reputable in terms of dependability, quality, strength, and price. You certainly cannot go wrong when you shop the Mighty Mule brand.

Final Thoughts on the Mighty Mule Brand

When looking for a gate opener it is important to look for one that is durable, easy to install, and one that fits all of your “gate-needs”. If you are someone who enjoys accomplishing tasks by yourself, you should look into getting a gate opener from Mighty Mule. They are most known for their “do it yourself” aspect, good reviews, and variety of options. No matter what type of gate you are looking to secure, you certainly will not go wrong by investing in a Mighty Mule gate opener. Join the thousands who have purchased a kit and fallen in love with their investment.