Minimizing the hazards of door opening- LiftMaster 3265 Review

By Jack | LiftMaster

Jul 02
LiftMaster 3265 Premium Series 1/2 HP Chain Drive W/O Rail Assembly
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Review Summary:

Even if you haven’t, are you tired and fatigued at the everyday vigil? I can pretty well gauge that the answer is yes.

Did you pull a muscle while opening or closing your garage door? Even if you haven’t, are you tired and fatigued at the everyday vigil? I can pretty well gauge that the answer is yes. Our daily monotonous routine work grinds us and on top of it at the end of the day, the heavy garage doors test our patience, but not anymore. LiftMaster 3265 at least take care of the opening and closing of the garage doors with utmost precision. Its smooth working will make you feel that the hazards of the garage door opening never existed at all.

Features of the product:

While the character defines a human being, a machine is defined by the dint of its features. Let me throw light on some of the prime features of this device.

Functioning: A powerful motor like the 1/2 Horsepower renders strength of this product and assures longevity. The chain drive assures perfectly smooth operation by minimizing friction to a great level.

Technology: The Protector system adds to the safety quotient by beaming light at the point of the opening of the garage door. It also possesses the capacity to reverse the door if it comes across any hindrance or interruption while going down.

Security: This device comprises of the Posilock system that keeps any intruders at bay by locking the garage door while it is down. The Smart Garage door opener provides compact and tight security as desired.

Multitasking: The three button remote control provides option to the user to open or close three garage doors or gates. This proves beneficial to people who have more than one vehicle under the same roof.

Appearance: Looks are decisive for many and trust me if you are one of them, you are going to grab this with both your hands. The combination of the elegant white and dynamic black will woo you at the first sight.

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Benefits of LiftMaster 3265:

This device from the LiftMaster provides its users with high dose of benefits. The following will throw light on some of them.

  • The installation of this, is completely free of any hassle. Within a very short span of time this is ready to work.
  • The heavy and powerful ½ Horsepower motor ensures the desired power and also contributes towards its long durability.
  • Unwanted noise during the use of the product is completely taken care of. The device works in almost silence.
  • The protector system stands tall with its features that guarantee protection. The fact that it helps beaming of light during the opening of the doors provides the extra layer of safety and protection.
  • The device almost achieves Human intelligence. Suppose, there is an obstruction while the door is going down, it immediately reverses the movement.
  • It almost nullifies the possibility of an entry of any intruder. The strong lock system is at work when the doors are down.
  • You must be wondering, what in case of a power failure? Don’t worry. The presence of manual release handles, specifically designated for a power failure, will start its work.
  • The accessories lend, option to the users. The three button remote control is capable to open or close three garage doors or gates.
  • There is no greater wealth than the peace of mind. The precision and smoothness with which it works will definitely relieve you of any unwanted tension about the garage doors.
  • The sensors of the remote will give you perfect satisfaction. It takes your “commands” from quite some distance.
  • You will not have to worry about the replacement of the bulbs either. The two hinged light lenses give you the option of easy bulb replacement.
  • You are always a call away from a solution, whenever you need one. The Customer Care in its true sense takes care of the customers.
  • After going through the benefits that this device will give you, you might be panicking about the price. To your great surprise, let me inform you that this comes across at a very affordable price.


  • Technology is the backbone of any product and this device ensures that the high end, but simple technology gives it a cutting edge over other similar products.
  • The uncomplicated design and usage enables the kids as well as the elders use it to perfect proficiency when required.
  • Although a heavy motor like ½ Horsepower runs the device, still it is energy efficient which accounts for its popularity.
  • Security is strengthened by installation of LiftMaster 3265. The Smart garage door opener confirms the security.
  • This also helps to replace the previous 1200 models.
  • The durability and the longevity of this product is beyond the periphery of doubts. People have been spotted who have used these for more than 15 years.
  • If you want, you can also add the wireless keyless entry along with this which empowers you with further freedom.
  • The option of replacement of bulbs also exists.
  • Easy and hassle free installation provides ample satisfaction.
  • The technical support team is very cooperative and helps out instantly with due diligence and patience.


Expectations from a performer generally reach a zenith. While this device passes with flying colors, there are a few points which would have made it a “perfect” model. The wireless and keyless feature which comes across as add on could have been a part of the joining set it. Barring this, the model definitely packs a punch.  

What Customers Are Saying ?

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Few practices that will enhance your satisfaction:

  • Greasing of the chain definitely reduces friction and further smoothens the working.
  • Proper maintenance confirms durability of the product. Whenever you find any snag, call the customer support immediately for help.
  • To maintain the beauty, keep the device clean, shampoo it frequently.

LiftMaster 3265 with all its virtues is definitely one of the most sought after device in this category. I strongly recommend this to all those who are looking for a very reliable garage door opener.