Optimizing Your Garage Space

By Jack | Tips And Tricks

Nov 16

Is your garage very messy? Do you hate it the most to go to your garage because of the disordered things? Do you want to optimize your garage space, but do not know how to get started with it? Read on, this write-up is going to assist you in optimizing your garage space.


Things to Be Known First:

You can optimize your garage space only when you are well aware of the tasks, your garage is to be used for. Whether you useyour garage as vehicle’s depository, a storeroom for gardening and other tools, a place for your second refrigerator, or for multiple other purpose, you can accordingly optimizeyour garage space keeping these purposes in mind.

Clean Your Garage Thoroughly:

First of all, evacuate your garage completely so that you may wash it or clean it thoroughly and later on use it for enhancing and optimizing your garage space. If your house is large enough to have a wide lawn, you can simply put your garage stuff in it temporarily during the cleansing process. However, if you do not have much space, or it is the winter season when the snow does not allow you to do so, you can divide your garage space.

A portion should be cleaned first while the other should house the garage items. Then the rest of the area should be cleaned while the cleaned area should house the garage items. When you are cleaning your garage, ensure the following things:

  • Firstly, clean your garage space roughly with a brush so that the dust can significantly be removed from it.
  • Then wash the garage floor and walls with water. Try using water pipes to gain the advantage of the water pressure as well.
  • When the above two tasks are performed, use water mixed with detergents so that the heavy dust and chemicals may also vanish.
  • At the end, use phenyl to kill bacteria and germs in your garage.

Group the Things in Their Respective Class:


The first and foremost principle of optimizing things is to combine them in a group with respect to the similar nature things. Classification can also be made on the basis of the frequency of the usage or the size of the things. For instance, you may combine things which that you most frequently use in a separate sphere which you can most easily access, or you may group small things in one section, middle sized in other and large and very large in other sections.
It is always better to cluster a few things in many groups, than clustering many things in a few groups. A drawback associated with a few groups containing many things is that the group itself shall become messy.

Take Advantage of the Walls:

If you want to store many things in your garage, but its size is small enough to disallow you to do, don’t forget to take the advantage of your garage walls. You can have many shelves on each wall. A garage with the wall height of 12 feet can easily have 3 to 4 shelves having 2 feet of distance between each shelf. It can greatly increase the garage space which you can use to house things in very large volume. While adding shelves to your garage walls, take care of the following things:

  • Make sure the shelves are well supported to easily lift several hundred pounds of weight.
  • Keep the shelves out enough that it can hold some containers and bags, and large things as well, including, fishing gear, loose washers, lug nuts, emergency supplies, and sports equipment.
  • If you find adding shelves to your garage walls difficult or do not have the necessary equipmentto do so, you can take help from the professional. Because it is better to spend some time and money to get the work done perfectly.

Racks and Pegs:

Racks and pegs sound like minor things, but trust me they create a huge difference. If you want to enjoythe benefitsof shelves like extra housing space, you can also use racks. Racks provide portability and accessibility from each direction. You can also use it for oars, skis and shovels along with many other purposes.

Pegs can also greatly enhance the space of your garage. Definitely, they are perfect for hanging bags, and coats, but if you are using very high quality pegs and affix them to the wall in the right way you can even hang your bicycles and even motorbike using many pegs. Thus, pegs and racks can greatly increase your garage space.

Use Garage as a Workstation:

If you are a passionate engineer, or fond of doing tough mechanical stuff with your own hands, you may desire to use your garage as a workstation. In such a situation you shall need a separate place of at least 10 x 10 feet. It should be easy to clean, and accessible from all directions while repairing and cleaning your mechanical equipment. Before you get started on this project, make sure that you are dedicated enough to complete it, as it will require much amount of time and work.

If you are not hiring any home improvement expert for assembling the workstation in your garage, you are required to follow the following words of advice:

  • Use wooden or metallic wide table having only four,but durable legs.
  • Hang three to four cabinets of medium size in front of your workstation.
  • For keeping smaller things and tools near you, you can also have drawers beneath the table.

In addition to these tips and pieces of advice, you can optimize your garage space in many other ways as well. However, one time optimization is not the mere thing to do in this regard, but keeping up with these things is more important. Therefore, it is highly advised to clean and organize your garage and its things frequently before things go really messy.