Protect Your Home From Your Phone: Apps For Home Security

By Sarah Spoonhoward | Home Security

Apr 20

Everyone around us is constantly on their phones. Why not use it to our advantage and protect our home and selves. Having an app that you can check everything right on your phone would be so convenient. You have access to look at your home from anywhere. You have your home right in your hands. If you have kids you can check on them whenever you feel the need. It is just nice to be able to check up on everything if you have to be away or even while you are in the living room but think you hear something in like the kitchen. There are apps for both Android and Apple. Obviously you will need the home security system and then an app will most likely be available to go with that.

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Apps is an app that you can monitor and control from your phone. You can see what is happening in your home. You can lock or unlock doors and change temperatures. Having 4.5 stars on the apple app store you know it is worth checking out

Alfred- Home Security Surveillance IP Camera

This app always you to turn your smartphones that either you just have sitting around or aren’t putting to use much into action. If you have two smart phones, you download the app onto both and sign in with the same information. You can place the one phone wherever you want and then keep the other phone with you to monitor.

AtHome Video Streamer- IP Camera for Home Secruity

With this app you will be able to monitor and watch live streaming. There is a motion detector that you will get an alert right away whenever it is set off. If someone is in the room with the monitor and you want to say something to them, you can with the mic and speaker that is there. This can run on computer, tablets and smart phones that have a camera.

WardenCam Home Security IP- Cam

Like all of the home security apps, you need an extra smartphone or tablet that is available for you to use. This app can also do the motion detection that will work in the day and at night it can pick it up. At night it got into night vision mode. Also has a two way audio that you are capable of hearing what someone is saying the different rooms.


For the XFINITY Home you do need the actual system installed in your home. You can arm and disarm your system from your phone at anytime. You can control your light and thermostat. It records everything 24/7 in case you need to ever go back and look at something.

Now you have ways to secure your home. Some may cost you nothing if you have those extra smartphones or tablets sitting around. You can even just set it up for one night if you have a nanny or are going away. For others, like XFINITY you may need the whole system. It may be a little more in the cost but your safety is worth the cost! You will not regret having a home security system and you will help your family feel better going to sleep at night.