The Easy Way to Install a Door

By Jack | Tips And Tricks

Sep 20

Garage Door Opener Installation: The Easy Way to Install a Door

If you fancy yourself as a bit of handyman then installing a garage door is something that you might want to look into to put your skills to the test. If you follow some very simple instructions and a clear cut guide then the installation process can be a piece of cake. However, many DIY installers tend to rush right in and this is where problems and issues can arise. So before you dive in at the deep end follow our handy tips because at the end of the day it’s going to cost you more if you do a bodge job as you will have to call in the experts and that will cost you.

Check the Parts

Garage Door Opener Installation: Check the Parts

Before you lift a hammer or a screwdriver you are going to want to check to see if all the door parts are working as they should be. There is nothing worse than spending time and effort on following instructions down to the core, and finishing the job with perfection only to find out that something is faulty, malfunctioning or plainly just doesn’t even work.

So your first step should always be to check over the door and all the parts to make sure everything is operating correctly.

Getting The Balance

Garage Door Opener Installation: Getting The Balance

The next step in the installation process is to test the garage door balance. In order to do this you want to open the door to the halfway mark and then let it go from your hands. What you want to look out for now is the movement of the door, if it moves up or down at all then the torsion spring is misaligned and this will cause the opener to wear out much quicker than if the door is balanced.

If you need to adjust the torsion spring then get an expert on the case as this is a very dangerous process and you could really hurt yourself. If the door doesn’t move then everything is normal and you can then move onto choosing a garage door opener.

Buying an Opener

Garage Door Opener Installation: Buying an Opener

Now what a lot of people don’t realize is that different openers work differently depending on the size and weight of the garage door. Generally you should buy a ½ hp for a single door or a double door, and then look at a 3/4 hp for doors that are heavier in construction like wooden doors.

Each opener comes with a chain drive, belt drive or screw drive, with belt drives being the quietest but also the most expensive. The chain drives are just long chains that pull the door open and closed, and the screw drives are long threaded rod drives that open and close the door.

Testing the Force Mechanism

Garage Door Opener Installation: Testing the Force Mechanism

Once everything is in place you will want to test the force of the door when it closes and opens. To do this it is usually good practice to place a 2×4 beam under the shutter of the door and then close it. As soon as the door hits that 2×4 beam it should automatically hit reverse and open back up again. This is built into the opener so that anything that may be in the way doesn’t get crushed by the door coming down.

A number of tweaks at this stage to the closing force will get you closer to the correct motion.

Faulty Doors

We have just spoken about how garage doors should automatically open when something is obstructing the way, however one of the most common issues that garage door owners face is reversing doors even when there is nothing that is obstructing them from fully closing to the ground.

Firstly, just take a good look around the area of the door as the photoelectric eyes that look for obstruction are extremely sensitive and anything that gets picked up can cause this reversal process. Therefore you want to look for things such as cobwebs which are the most common issue, even though these are thin strands the door will and can pick them up as something in the way. Our suggestion is to move all cobwebs from the area and then try using your garage door again.

If you still have the same problem then it could be that the photoelectric eyes are dirty, so just give these a clean and then repeat the process to see if the door closes.

Finally, if all that has failed it could be something technical that is causing the issue such as a broken or loose cable in the doors mechanism, if this is the case call in an expert to take a look at this issue so it can be resolved successfully.