Tips For Organizing Your Garage Space

By Jack | Tips And Tricks

Nov 18

Garage is a great place to organize and dump unused items, work equipment and off season belongings. Organizing garage is though a tedious task that takes plenty of time to manage and maintain it properly. However, if you devote your time organizing and managing garage, you will probably find it very easy to find things without wasting time in searching. Clearing it from mess, sorting out different items and cleaning up space to manage more items can be included in your work list. In order to organize your garage properly, you need to have plan in your mind that will help you successfully complete the project. Here are some of the tips that would help you in organizing your garage without wasting your time and money.

Plan before Taking Action

plan garage organize

Organizing garage can look very difficult and overwhelming task in the beginning but there is no need to worry. You can make it simpler and easier by breaking down the tasks in smaller parts and completing the project successfully without failing. The first and foremost important step is to scheduling your start and end date, what items are going to stay in your garage and how you would manage and sort things according to their preference, size and frequency of use. Make sure that your plan should be simple and easy to achieve because in the end you will not like to see your garage giving messy look like in the past. Make a list of all the tasks that you plan to follow so that you will not forget any of it and organize your garage efficiently.

Cleaning Up the Mess

Before you start organizing your garage, you need to clean up all the mess, rubbish and clutter that you are never going to use again. This will help you in utilizing your space that is available rather than working with the mess that won’t help you in estimating the space in your garage and organizing it effectively. It is sometimes difficult to clear out the mess as some of the items may hold sentimental value. However, the fact is that if it has not been used for a long time, it is time to clear. The easiest way to clearing up mess is by sorting things out that are of no use, items that can be sold out and the ones that you want to keep. It may take plenty of time to get your garage cleared if you have not cleaned up for years. However, once it is completed, your garage will look very different.

Organizing Your Storage Area


The layout and planning of garage is no different than planning a room in your house. Find out where you want your stuff to be stored, make it accessible and leaving plenty of space even after adjusting the items. Small garages can be organized effectively by thinking of volume instead of area. Evaluate your storage requirements and make sure you have plenty of space to keep all your stuff and leaving plenty of space for future use.Use shelf boards, pegs, hooks and toolboxes to organize things instead of placing them on floor and wasting your space. For instance, hooks can organize your garden equipment, shelves to keep your equipment at one place and toolboxes to keep small tools and equipment such as screwdrivers, wrench, plyers and other tools.

Selecting your Shelves

With help of shelving, you can manage more storage space that can be fixed to the wall. Although it takes plenty of time and limit the amount of weight, you can adjust to store items but will surely help you manage and organize stuff. Freestanding shelves are best to use, as traditional shelves will require plenty of time and effort to install. However, freestanding shelves can be easily moved and positioned according to your requirements in the near future. Installing shelves can save plenty of floor space and make a huge difference in the usability of garage. Make sure to choose wisely the shelving material that are made of wood or metal. Metal shelves are durable and can last longer as they are resistant to heat, cold and humidity.

Labeling your Shelves


If you have plenty of boxes, tools and equipment stored in shelves, make sure to label each rack according to its category. It takes small amount of effort but will save plenty of your time in future without remembering which box contains which tool. Items that are used on regular basis should be placed close to the entry point and at eye level. For example, you can categorize your shelves by labelling gardening equipment, sanitary supplies, cleaning supplies, clothes and tools. Waterproof plastic boxes should be used with lids in order to prevent them from damage or rot. Silica gel packs can be helpful to make sure that your items are prevented from moisture. The items that cannot be placed in shelves should be hanged by the ceiling or wall, whatever is appropriate.

Dos of Organizing Garage

  • Before installing shelves and cabinets, make sure to measure the space properly
  • Focus on volume rather than floor space to increase your storage space
  • Place dangerous items such as acids and chemicals in cabinet that can be locked
  • Flammable items should not be placed near heat or fire
  • Label boxes and shelves correctly to save your time in future.
  • Think of placing items and installing shelves in such a way that can be altered in future.
  • Clean your garage and keep every item in its place after using it.
  • Ensure proper lighting in your garage and install safety material to avoid any hazards.
  • Install exhaust fan and insect killer

Don’ts of Organizing Garage

  • Do not exceed the recommended weight mentioned on shelf
  • Never place dangerous items on floor
  • Leave sufficient space to move around and never place anything right next to doors.
  • Flammable items, chemicals and acids must be labelled with danger sign so that no everyone who has access to your garage knows about it.