What not to store in the garage

By Jack | Tips And Tricks

Jan 01

So you have a garage and it is everyone’s favorite place to dump things that you don’t need. Though your garage can be used to store things but they are not meant for keeping anything and everything you like. You never give it a thought on what should be kept and what should not be kept in the garage. It should not be merely a dumping place, but you should keep things there in a manner that you can use them again. You store something to be used again and not to totally destroy it and the garage as well.

Utility of a Garage


Apart from parking your vehicle, garage has been always used and is still being used just as another store room. There is no harm in storing things. But the point is do you know what things one needs to keep in the garage and what should be kept away? Here are some of the things that you should know should be kept away from the garage.

  • Food: Most important thing is storing your food. Food attracts a lot of insects and rodents in your garage if you store your food items there. So storing food items somewhere safe would be avoid a lot unwanted insects and rodents out of your house.
  • Items that you use every day: Items that you need for everyday use should be kept nearby and not in the garage. It will save space of your garage and you can store something else in that space.
  • Wine: Such beverages should not be stored in the garage because of the varying temperatures. It’s better to keep them in a refrigerator.
  • Paintings: If you have some valuable items like paintings in your house, then you should never store them in your garage. Moisture or direct sunlight in the garage can destroy the paintings. So it’s always better to store them in a place which is humidity free and away from direct sunlight.
  • Your important documents: Never keep your important documents in the garage. Just in case there is some leakage in the garage, the water can destroy your documents forever. You can always keep such documents in your study room or bedroom.
  • Photographs: If memories are so important for you then you should never keep them in the garage. Moisture spoils the pictures and sticks to plastic sometimes. Keep them in the drawers of your bed room instead.
  • Clothes that are sensitive: Don’t keep your delicate clothes in garage. Their place is in a closet and not garage. Keep your clothes away from moisture, heat or too cold weather to make them use for a long time.
  • Wooden furniture: We do know that due to heat or cold, things expand and contract. Wooden furniture is no different. Don’t keep your furniture in the garage if you want to save your furniture to be used again.
  • Paint: With time paint gets ruined if kept without keeping it safe or uncovered. Paint needs to be kept indoors, if you want to use it again in future.
  • Propane tanks: It’s very risky to keep something so inflammable in your garage. Such things should be kept away from the house.

We never really care before dumping anything in the garage. But as you can see, there are so many things that you need to see before storing anything in the garage. There are certain things that you cannot afford to lose at all, then why risk them by keeping them in the garage. These little points can save a lot of your important stuff.

Some Awareness Is Essential

A little awareness can be helpful in saving your precious things. So never keep anything in the garage before knowing the aftermath of your action. If you have a store in your house other than your garage, then you should keep your important stuff there. You will never get back the things which will get destroyed because of some carelessness. Take a good care of your belongings and keep them safe. Your garage is not meant to keep everything. It’s just for some selected items. If garage has some extra spaces in it then don’t think of simply filling it with not so important stuff. Keep things that are humidity proof, heat proof or cold proof. These are some of the suggestions that you can use to save your items. Rest you know better what you want to do with your things, either to save them or let them get ruined  by ignoring the important storing facts.